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  • Surgical Diathermy (ESU) ZE-400W

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    Surgical Diathermy (ESU)

    Brand: ZEUS
    Model: ZE-400W

    Working  Mode Max Power Peak  Voltage
    Monopolar Cut Pure cut 300W 1500V
    Blend 1 250W 2000V
    Blend 2 200W 2500V
    Blend 3 150W 3000V
    Monopolar Coag Fulgurate Coag 120W 4000V
    Bipolar Coag Spray Coag 100W 4020V
    Contact Coag 80W 4700V
    Bipolar Coag 70W 620V


    Electrical requirement
    Operating Voltage 220V±22V Measuring Frequency 530KHz±2
    Monopolar Rate Load  500Ω Bipolar Rate Load         100Ω
    Max Input Currency 1400VA


     Environmental Conditions for Use
    Condition Range
    Temperature 50°C to 40°C
    Relative humidity ≤ 95% non-condensing
    Pressure 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
    Environmental Conditions for Transport and Storage
    Condition Range
    Temperature -40°C to 55°C
    Relative  humidity ≤ 93% non-condensing
    Pressure 500 hPa to 1060 hPa
    Dimension (L×W×H) 350mm×320 mm×100mm
    Weight 15kg
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  • E-CUBE 11 Ultrasound Alpinion

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    Alpinion E-CUBE 11 Ultrasound

    E-CUBE 11 delivers consistent image quality, enabled by improved digital signal processing and picture algorithms from Alpinion. Using our sophisticated engineered transducer, optimized integration maximizes image quality. With Less artifacts, outstanding detail implies you can diagnose with confidence. The intuitive, tablet-like touchscreen interface developed by Alpinion is intended to lower reach and push buttons. It also allows you to concentrate more with fast answers and accurate key selection on your patients.


    • E-CUBE 11 has been re-designed to simplify and streamline day-to-day workflow. Our intuitive, tablet-like touchscreen interface is designed to reduce reach and button pushes
    • 4-inch capacitive touch screen, high-resolution Instant Response display for the fast and accurate main selection
    • Wide 21.5 “IPS (In-Plane Switching) complete HD LED monitor
    • Enhancing frame rate technology — Experience extremely detailed ultrasonic pictures and superior spatial resolution at an elevated frame rate
    • Crystal Signatur
    • Wide variety of transducers for various clinical uses
    • Adaptive postprocessing presents a high-performance picture filter that is tailored to each implementation differently
    • Offers a qualitative and semi-quantitative elastography package that provides helpful clinical data and increases trust in the diagnosis
    • ALPINION’s intuitive 3D/4D software package in convex and endocavity transducers provides quick rendering velocity and excellent diagnostic rendering quality.
    • Live HQTM — Combining skilled 3D/4D transducers with high-quality reliability and geometric precision, ALPINION’s Live HQTM software makes fetal shape realistic.
    • Using a powerfully optimized and sophisticated signal algorithm, Optimal Imaging SuiteTM(FullSRI, SCI, FCI) offers exceptional detail, clearer boundary definition and a broader grayscale in tissue
    • Advanced platform with HD Digital Beamforming powering E-CUBE 11 allows you to achieve excellent picture resolution ‘ particularly in the near-field, ‘ consolidating uniformity. Integrated Solid-state drive (SSD)with 512GB image storage capacity & Industry-leading computational speed processor (Intel Core ™ i7) Microsoft® Windows® 7 Integration
    • Innovative transducer design driven by MicroFit technology facilitates optimized efficiency and improves ergonomics
    • Wireless LAN for PACS information transfer without space constraints

    Watching Video:

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  • CWH-3010 ICU Ventilator

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    CWH-3010 ICU Ventilator

    Product Name CWH-3010 ICU Ventilator
     Model  CWH-3010
     Applied for  adult and child
     system  with a high-intelligent control system
     display  with TFT display for ventilation parameters
     adjustment  Humidifier with temperature adjustment
     Power  220V AC ± 10%, 50 to 60Hz ± 2%, built-in battery for backup
     Gas source  O², air
     Ventilation mode  IPPV, SIMV, SIGH, SPONT, CPAP, PEEP, S, T, S/T and manual (optional: Bi-level)
     Parameter monitoring  Tidal volume, minute volume, frequency, inhaling time, airway pressure, PEEP and O² Concentration
     Waveform display   Pressure-time (optional: Flowtime, pressure-volume loop)
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  • Single/Double Channel Syringe Pump for Medical Use

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    Single/Double Channel Syringe Pump

    Quick Details
    Type: First-Aid Devices
    Brand Name:


    Model Number:


    Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
    Instrument classification:

    Class II

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  • Ultrasound Machine-Chison i6

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    Ultrasound Machine – Chison i6

    Ultrasound Machine – Chison i6 is an outstanding cart-based Color Doppler System with delicate touch panel helps decrease user fatigue.

    Brand Chison
    Model i6
    Usage/Application For Human, Hospital
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Voltage 220-240 V
    Type Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices, portable
    Place of Origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
    Instrument classification Class III
    FDA ISO CE Yes
    Package Carton
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  • Bionet BM5 Patient Monitor-Korea

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    Bionet BM5 Patient Monitor


    Brand Bionet
    Model BM 5
    Condition New
    Warranty 12 month(s)
    Origin Russia
    Category Patient Monitor
    Pulse Rate Range 0-300 bpm
    Display 10.4 inch
    Brand Bionet
    Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Resolution 800×600 Pixel
    Dimensions 270x250x184.5 mm


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  • COMPUTERISED ECG, Complete on Trolley

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    COMPUTERISED ECG, Complete on Trolley

    DEVICE NAME: COMPUTERISED ECG, Complete on Trolley
    Model Number: ClECG 01
    Brand Name: BIBEAT LTD
    Origin: Bangladeshi
    Weight: 25 Kg
    Warranty:  24  Months


    • Standard 12 Diagnostic ECG with 10 lead patient cable
    • PC-based data storage and printing facility Friendly graphical user interface [ GUI ]
    • Single channel data acquisition
    • Single channel data acquisition
    • Individual leads selected with simple mouse clicks on GUI
    • Stand-alone and telemedicine
    • Combined 12 lead ECG graph in pdf format
    • Runs on Windows XP and later version.


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  • MINDRAY DP-30 Portable Ultrasound

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    Mindray DP-30 Portable Ultrasound

    Mindray DP-30

    Mindray DP-30 is a digital ultrasonic imaging system of high quality used by professionals. Mindray DP-30 has a great image, it’s very mobile to use!

    Key Features

    • Harmonic Imaging (THI) tissue improving contrast resolution
    • IP – Optimization of one – key image (Image Processing)
    • 8-segment TGC for accurate adjustment of the image
    • Compact dimensions
    • Scanning ready within 17s
    • User-defined keys, customized operations programmable
    • One-touch function for local disk or USB drive image and cine storage
    • Lithium battery for continuous scanning up to 1.5 hours
    • Review previously saved images
    • Efficient integration of iStationTM patient data storage, archiving, reviewing and recovery
    • Net weight: 5.5 kg (battery – free)

    Optional accessories:

    • Mobile trolley
    • Lithium-ion battery: UMT-110
    • Carrying case

    Optionally available probes:

    • Convex sample (2 – 5Mhz)- 50 mm footprint for Abdominal, OB / GYN, Urology, Pediatric
    • Linear sample (5 – 10Mhz) – 38 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Linear sample (5 – 10Mhz)
    • 53 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Linear sample (8 – 12Mhz)
    • 24 mm footprint for MSK, hands
    • Micro-convex sample (5 – 8.5Mhz) — 15 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Bi-Plane Micro – Convex (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • Endocavity Micro – Convex (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • 10 mm footprint for Gyn / OB
    • Endorectal Linear (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • 60 mm footprint for Urology.
    • Micro-convex sample (2 – 5Mhz) – 20 mm footprint for Gyn / OB, MSK, Abdominal, Pediatric, Cardiac, Vascular, Nerve
    • Linear sample shapes (5 – 10Mhz)- 38 mm footprint for interoperative, small organs, orthopedic, nerve, vascular.
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  • Biocare IE-12A 12 Channel ECG Machine

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    Biocare IE-12A 12 Channel ECG Machine

    Model NO IE-12A
    Trademark BIOCARE
    Transport Package Carton
    Classification Physiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
    Origin Jiangsu China
    Type Digital EEG/ECG/EKG/EMG/VCG
    Certification CE, FDA
    Group Adult
    Medical Device Regulatory Type Type 1
    Power Supply AC110-230V 50/60Hz
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  • Philips Lumify Ultrasound System S4-1 Sector / Cardiac

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    Philips Lumify Ultrasound System S4-1 Sector / Cardiac


    • Weight: 96 g/3.4 oz (without cable)
    •  Dimensions: 10.2 cm x 5.1 cm/4 in x 2 in (L x W)
    •  Automatically adjusted focal zone based on preset focal zone
    •  Continuous dynamic receive focusing
    •  64 elements
    •  1 to 4 MHz extended operating frequency range
    •  90° field of view
    •  High-resolution imaging for lung, echo, abdominal,  Ob/Gyn,  FAST applications
    •  Supports 2D, color Doppler, and Tissue  Harmonic Imaging
    •  The lightweight replaceable USB cable
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  • PC-Based 12-Lead ECG Machine BRITEMED

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    PC-Based 12-Lead ECG Machine BRITEMED


    Product PC Based ECG
    Brand BRITEMED
    Patient Leads: 12 -lead electrocardiogram
    Sensitivity: 5, 10, 20,40mm/mV
    Sampling Rate: 1000 samples per second
    Low Cut Filter:  0.05 Hz, 0.15 Hz, 0.3 Hz
    High Cut Filter:  30 Hz, 150 Hz, 250 Hz, off
    Hum Filter:  50 Hz, 60 Hz, off
    Common Mode Rejection: > 90dB
    Sweep Speed: 25mm/s
    Printing Paper Size:  A4
    HR Measurement Range: 30BPM_300BPM, Accuracy: ± 1BPM
    Defibrillator Protection:  Yes
    Pacing Pulse Detection:  Yes
    Power Supply: 5V/0.3A (supplied from PC via USB cable)
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 60 x 23.2mm
    Weight: 157.5 g
    Operating Temperature: 10°C_40°C
    Storage Temperature: -20°C_50°C
    System Requirements OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) or newer OS is required.
    PC display resolution: 1280 x 768 (min)
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  • Welld Ultrasound Machine WED-9618C

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    Welld Ultrasound Machine WED-9618C

    Main Unit Parameters

    Scanning Mode Electronic Linear Array, Electronic Convex Array
    TGC Adjustment Near Field, Far Field, Total Gain Independent Adjust
    Real-time Depth 16 levels adjustable
    Text Date, Clock, Name, Gender, Age, Doctor, Hospital and Full-screen Character Editing
    Cine-loop ≥400 frames
    External Ports Video Port, RS-232 Port, and USB Port


    • WED-9618C can display a high-quality image with multiple technologies such as micro-computer control and a digital scan converter (DSC), digital beamforming (DBF), real-time dynamic aperture (RDA), real-time dynamic receiving apodization, real-time dynamic receiving focusing (DRF), Digital frequency Scan (DFS) and so on
    •  This system can process real-time image display,  freeze, save, load, zoom, up and down flip, left and right flip, black and white flip and capacity cine loop and multi-level scanning depth-adjustable as well.
    • The back-light Silicone keyboard and trackball can offer an easy, convenient and flexible operation.
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  • Chison QBit-3 Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

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    Chison QBit-3 Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

    Product Specification

    Brand Chison
    Model QBit 3
    Usage/Application Hospital
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Voltage 220-240 V
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  • Ultrasound Machine-Chison i6

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    Ultrasound Machine – Chison i6

    Ultrasound Machine – Chison i6 is an outstanding cart-based Color Doppler System with delicate touch panel helps decrease user fatigue.

    Brand Chison
    Model i6
    Usage/Application For Human, Hospital
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Voltage 220-240 V
    Type Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices, portable
    Place of Origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
    Instrument classification Class III
    FDA ISO CE Yes
    Package Carton
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  • Biocare 3 Channel ECG Machine iE 300

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    Biocare iE 300 ECG Machine

    Brand Biocare
    Model NO. iE300
    Peripheral Ports USB, LAN Port
    Data Storage Massive Local Storage Capacity up to 1500 Files
    Recording Paper 80mm Width
    Origin Jiangsu China
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    Model: Simul G
    Manufacture: Nasan Medical Electronics Pvt Ltd.
    Country of Origin: India

    Technical Specifications:

    • Body level acquisition of 12 lead ECG
    • Simultaneous acquisition of 12 Leads of ECG @ 250 samples per second per channel with ADC
    • Resolution of 12-bit
    • Frequency Response – DSP filter of 0.05 to 150Hz with notch at 50Hz
    • Leads-Off detection
    • Facility to store 12 lead Unaveraged ECG
    • Facility to Rerun test
    • T End, U start, U endpoints on the median once
    • Resting ECG report
    • 12 leads(All leads) measurement report with interpretation
    • 5 seconds ECG report
    • Display Showing 12,3 Channel
    • A4 Size Paper Printout
    • No Extra Earthling
    • High-Resolution Screen
    • Dimension: L 150 X B65 X H 40 mm
    • Weight: 150 gms

    One Year Machine Warranty

    Price: 75,000/-, Without Computer


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  • Resvent iBreeze 20A Pro Auto CPAP For Woman

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    Resvent iBreeze 20A Pro Auto CPAP For Woman

    Product Name Resvent Auto CPAP
    Model Name iBreeze 20A
    Brand Resvent
    Manufacturer Resvent
    International Protection IP22
    Dimension 238 × 178 × 128 mm
    Weight  1.38 Kg
    Display 3.5’’ LCD Colour Display
    Auto Altitude Adjustment Yes
    Noise Level ≤ 26dB
    Pressure Range 4-20 cmH20 (4-25 cmH2O is optional)
    Ramp Time 0-60 Min
    Starting Ramp Pressure 3-4 cmH2O
    Mode Auto & Manual
    SD card  Standard
    Mask  Nasal or Full-Face or Pillow mask as standard
    15 mm Tube Standard (Option to have 19mm Tube)
    Power Supply adapter  Standard
    Air outlet connector  Standard
    Air filter  Standard
    Humidifier Pot  Standard
    Wifi & Bluetooth Module Standard
    User manual Standard
    Certification  CE

    Warranty: 2 years

    SKU: n/a

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