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ALPINION’s creative and acknowledged ‘ E-CUBE ‘ principles of the ultrasound brand (‘ Extreme Clarity, ‘ ‘ Efficient Workflow, ‘ ‘ Ergonomic Design ‘) represent the technological philosophy of ALPINION.

The concepts of ALPINION’s revolutionary and recognized ultrasound brand ‘E-CUBE’ (‘Extreme Visibility’,’ Effective Workflow’,’ Ergonomic Design’) embody the technical philosophy of ALPINION that offers customers during the lifespan of the commodity with uniform picture consistency. Since we initiated our ultrasound company, ALPINION has concentrated on acoustic engineering and front-end technology. Traditionally, back-end processing in ultrasound has been highly focused; however, we moved attention to the front-end with an emphasis on the signal quality sent to system processors. ALPINION relies on continuous acoustic technological advancement. ALPINION has developed and added a variety of transducer array types to the groundbreaking E-CUBE series of ALPINION ultrasound systems. ALPINION actively aims to extend the medical industry from diagnostic ultrasound to clinical ultrasound on the basis of patented superior acoustic technologies.