Hunan Cofoe Medical Technology Development Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing company specializing in household medical auxiliary rehabilitation appliances and R&D products for household electronic surveillance professional medical devices. In Germany, we set up a special R&D team responsible for product development and design, the brand—"Cofoe "was registered in the European Union. There are currently more than 60 product categories, with 6864 medical supplies and dressings and 6826 physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment being the main R&D products, etc.On the domestic and international market, 15 types of wrist and arm electronic blood pressure monitor."Cofoe "products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, well received by users. To improve our own product system and the quality of life of the masses, we will continue to create more technological, innovative and humanized rehabilitation auxiliary products."Be focused, be professional." The health of the masses will be taken as their own duty by all Cofoe staff. Opening the market with quality, stabilizing the market with services, expanding the market with products, striving to become one of the manufacturers of home medical equipment with different products, best quality and best service in order to meet the demand of the market and the benefit of the general public.

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