We are pleased to introduce Infopia Co., Ltd., a South Korean manufacturer and exporter of Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices, HbA1c analyzers, and Lipid Profile Measuring Systems.

We, Infopia Co Ltd, have been committed to developing and supplying competitively priced Blood Glucose Meters and Biosensor Strips all over the world since 1996.

We produced all of our products using advanced technologies and continue to create and upgrade cutting-edge products to meet the highest international standards.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we were able to receive FDA, CE, and ISO9002 certificates, among others, from a variety of prestigious institutions. Our products, especially the EasyGluco, Finetest, and Glucolab blood glucose meters, are well-liked around the world and are gaining market share. Any consumer, especially a diabetic patient, may conduct a medical check-up on their own using Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.

Our mission is to use technology to help people. We intend to do this by turning clinic equipment into consumer electronics. We will work hard to retain our status as a pioneer in the health-care industry. Please keep an eye on our pioneering development in the field of electronic medical instruments.

To develop a positive business relationship with you, we will do everything possible to ensure your success and provide you with everything you need. Please visit our website at for more information on our goods.

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