Pigeon uses cutting-edge research and development to support a baby's stable development as well as the happiness of the mother and family. Pigeon has worked relentlessly for over half a century to create beneficial maternity and infant care items that are easy and fun to use. Our knowledge and commitment to change are always at your disposal.

Breast milk is the most precious gift a mother will give her child, as it provides essential nutrients for healthy development as well as antibodies that shield the child from disease. Breastfeeding often aids in the development of a closer relationship between you and your child.

Breast milk should be served primarily to your baby from birth to six months, and we suggest that breast milk be supplied in addition to solid foods for at least 12 months.

Pigeon delivers the highest quality breastfeeding accessories to families all over the world, based on more than 50 years of rigorous baby feeding testing.

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