PTS Diagnostics is a cutting-edge point-of-care diagnostics company that collaborates with patients and healthcare providers to have the right evidence at the right time so that the best choices can be made. People, Technology, and Service are the three foundations upon which the business has established its long-term sustainability.

The CardioChek® lipid analyzer and the A1CNow® family of drugs are two of PTS Diagnostics' flagship products. The CardioChek® family of drugs has screened more than 120 million patients around the world, while the A1CNow® product range aims to help people enjoy healthy lives by assisting them in diabetes management. Ses products work together to recognise people who have cardiometabolic syndrome, a group of diseases that raise the risk of heart failure or diabetes.

Through its PTS CollectTM capillary tubing, the firm also provides new equipment that has revolutionized blood processing. PTS Diagnostics now provides the PTS ConnectTM solution, a turnkey community health management (PHM) application that makes networking scalable and knowledge management easy for health and wellbeing businesses, retail hospitals, and urgent care centers.

PTS Diagnostics, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, develops, produces, and distributes drugs in hundreds of countries around the world. Manufacturing operations are located in Indianapolis, IN, and Sunnyvale, CA, and distribution offices are located in North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim.

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