A legacy of diagnostic innovation in intensive care
With the launch of the world's first commercially viable blood gas analyzer in 1954, we paved the way for the blood gas industry.

Since then, our products and methods have been used in over 130 countries in hospitals, clinics, and labs, supplying health care providers with data on the most important parameters of intensive care environments like the emergency room.

assisting health-care practitioners in prioritizing life
We are not the heroes, even though half a million blood samples are analyzed every day using Radiometer devices all around the world.

The heroes are the health-care workers who must deal with continuous transition and difficult circumstances. And, through linked solutions, professional experience, and trustworthy partnerships, we are proud to assist them in putting life first.

After all, no one knows what will happen next, but at Radiometer, figuring out what will happen next in health care begins with the most important thing of all: survival.

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