Shanghai Nova Corporation was founded in 2003 and specializes in power tools, hand tools, garden tools, and their accessories. In addition, we specialize in exporting personalized tool components. In 2007, we became one of China's leading manufacturers of power Lithium-Ion cordless instruments. The Heating Garment was created in 2010. An aerospace garment heating system was paired with the most sophisticated power tool Lithium-Ion battery techniques. We are officially the world's second largest provider of this advanced garment.

In the global economy, the solutions we offer to experts, contractors, and DIY clients are used for a variety of applications.UL, ETL, CE, GS, and EMC certifications are found on the majority of our power tools. Various goods have been sold to countries all over the world. NOVA, our own product line, is aimed at the semi-professional and hobby markets. As well as being committed to the manufacture of OEM materials. Dash is a brand that caters to the professional and industrial sectors. To satisfy the demands of all of our clients and to produce customized materials, we make good use of our national factories. Person customers' product designs and requirements are taken into consideration. This sense of obligation and trust has enabled us to amass business capital that have allowed us to capture an 80 percent market share in China's power tools industry.

With our high standards, attractive pricing, and superior services, we have gained a stellar reputation in overseas markets after several years of increasing growth. Material consistency and customer support are priorities. Our highly trained technical experts and efficient management teams collaborate constantly to deliver professional, timely responses to all of our customers. We cordially invite domestic and foreign clients to come see us and form business partnerships with us. We'll assist you in determining the right product sources to satisfy your marketing needs over time.

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