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Medical technologies have the ability to tell a tale of safer health treatment and outcomes. The proper diagnosis and therapies begin with electrical signals from the human body. Medical accessories from Technomed attach medical instruments to patients and transmit bio-electric signals.

Technomed is a specialist in the field of surgical accessories. We offer both regular and private label merchandise. We also complete turnkey projects that take the accessory requirements from concept to completed product and deliver it to your end customer.

You get more than 30 years of competitive medical accessory invention, production, manufacturing, and commercialization when you work with Technomed.Technomed’s medical accessories are sold worldwide through a network of OEMs and specialized Business Partners.
We are headquartered at Maastricht-Airport in the Netherlands, with processing branches in Bandung, Indonesia, and sales and customer support in Minnesota, USA.
We are constantly developing our capacities at Technomed in order to understand the limitless possibilities of collecting electrical signals from the human body. We’ll take you on a journey with us, step by step.