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Xuzhou Yongkang Electronic Science Technology Co., Ltd., established in September 2005, is a medical electronic equipment manufacturer that encompasses R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and operation. The corporation has modern machinery and manufacturing capabilities, and it places a high value on the introduction and development of technical talent. Meanwhile, the corporation aggressively recruits foreign science research expertise and pays top wages to senior management and professional staff in the sector, ensuring a strong guarantee of product consistency and enterprise development.

The business is headquartered in the Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone’s Technological Innovation Park, with a manufacturing base of approximately 2,500m2. When it comes to delivering high-quality goods to consumers, the organization uses an international standard quality management scheme to monitor all market flow, including manufacturing, purchase, sales, and financing, and maximize economic benefits. With an international standard management scheme, an outstanding R&D staff, innovative detection technology, and competent manufacturing, the organization provides high-standard and high-quality medical devices.

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We’ve constantly experimented over the years and will continue to do so in the future. Since its inception, the company has independently researched and developed the YK-8000 series multi-parameter patient monitor, YK-6000 series UV radiation treatment unit, YK-810 tabletop pulse oximeter, YK-80 series fingertip pulse oximeter, YK-90 fetal doppler, handheld pulse oximeter, domestic optical blood pressure monitor, and infrared thermometer.

Dedication of Technological Innovation and a high level of concentration

Investing in R&amp

Throughout its operations, the organization puts a strong focus on technical R&D, allocating 10% of revenue volume to R&D each year in order to attract high-tech expertise and emphasize R&D innovation. Multiple specialist assembly lines are owned and specialized packaging equipment from around the world is added. As a result, the firm has perfect innovative product production capability as well as high-quality product processing capacity to ensure the company’s successful economic development and long-term competitive edge.

Great Expectations and High Ambition

Qualifications and Honors

Only lofty optimism will bring great expectations to fruition. Processing and maintenance was carried out in full compliance with the international quality management framework standard. The firm has earned awards from appropriate regional and local institutes, including “Good-faith Enterprise,” “Software Enterprise and Software Product Certification Enterprise,” “High-tech Enterprise” and “High-tech Product,” and has recently passed international technical certifications such as ISO-9001, CMD, and CE, as a result of its unwavering efforts. In addition, the firm holds several national patents, including 14 architecture patents, 5 utility model patents, and software patents.