• Santron PC based Uroflowmeter_Sanuro2u-L

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    Santron PC based Uroflowmeter

    Model: Sanuro2u-L
    Manufacture: Santron Meditronic
    Country of Origin: India

    Technical Specification & Features

    Specifications & Features

    • Interfaced with any Windows operating system PC / laptop.
    • USB (sanuro2u-L) connectivity
    • Windows XP ser software. Pack 3/Win 7/Win 8
    • Printing to any Printer Color or B&W compatible PC.
    • Volume: 0-1000 ml measurement Flow rate: 0-50 ml / sec
    • Accuracy: +/-2 percent
    • Sensor: gravimetric (weight) type
    • Measurement modes: Auto mode & Hesitancy mode
    • Successive testing can be performed without the need after each sample empties the container.
    • Report of output: flow rate v / s time chart & volume v / s time chart
    • Parameters of output: voided volume, average flow rate, max. Flow rate,
    • Max calculated. Flow rate, Voided Time, time of flow,
    • Flow time, delay time, computed average flow rate,
    • Time interval.
    • “Unconnected sensor” and “Jar Full” PC display.
    • Auto Start & Stop fully automatic.
    • Duration of measurements: 180 seconds.
    • Long sensor cable that enables patients to vacuum in privacy in order to prevent psychosomatic side effects that
    • may affect measurement outcomes
    • On-screen Comparison of 2-3 charts of Uroflowmeter patient records
    • Output report nomograms: average flow rate
    • Volume v / s and Max. Flow rate V / s Volume
    • All tests are stored on the Hardisk along with patient data and can be remembered whenever needed
    • Color / B&w printouts on any PC compatible printer.

    Warranty: One Year Machine Warranty, Without computer

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