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149cm super long SL-track-Providing massage for head, neck, back, waist, and buttocks. 2. LCD remote controller Fashion and convenient operation. 3. Intelligent body scan Detecting body and choosing the most suitable way to massage. 4. Sliding forward design Save space when it works. 5. Zero gravity function Helps release the pressure. 6. Heating for the waist and calf-Therapy the full body. Accelerate blood circulation. 7. Bluetooth speaker-Play music synchronized with a massage. 8. 30 groups airbags Massage for shoulders, arms, buttocks, calves & feet. 9.6 kinds of auto massage programs.6 kinds of manual mode Providing more massage 10. Intensity adjustable Roller speed, Roller width, and Airbag. 11. Foot sole massage Rolling & Scraping. 12. Smart mechanism hands to perform kneading and tapping. shiatsu, squeezing, and rubbing massage that could improve the sensibility and comfort of the massage modes.