BMC RESmart G2S A20 Auto CPAP With Humidifier


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BMC RESmart G2S A20 Auto CPAP With Humidifier

Product Specification
Model Name/Number BMC RESmart G2S A20
Usage/Application Hospital/Home
Voltage 110
Altitude Compensation Fully Automatic
Storage 1 year
Features AUTO
Ramp 0-20 min
Pressure Range AUTO
Automation Grade Automatic
Sound Level 26 dBa
Weight 1 KG 200 GM
Power 110
Frequency AUTO
Noise Level NA
Filters YES
Display Type COLOR
Temperature auto
Humidity AUTO
Display Size LCD
Age Group AUTO
Operating Temperature AUTO
Pap Dimensions Standalone YES
Diameter Of Breathing Tube Connection YES
Storage Range YES
Dc Power 110
Compliance Meter 110
Dimensions 11*11*12
Is It Portable Portable
Ac Supply Output YES
Accuracy AUTO
Advanced Event Detection AUTO
Air Outlet AUTO
Air Travel Approved YES
Aircraft Use YES
Average Humidifier AUTO
Capacity 115
Delivery 1 DAYS
Depth 110
Device Modes AUTO
Dream Mapper Compatibility BMC CARE
External Battery YES
External Dc Supply YES
External Supply YES
Flex Comfort YES
Flow Waveform YES
Height 11
Internal Function Failure ALARM
Longer Per Session GRAPHICS
Mask Fit Check YES
Maximum Inspiration Time AUTO
Minimum Mask Leakage AUTO
Miscellaneous YES
Modem Compatibility YES
Oximetry Compatibility YES
Pressure Relief On Exhale YES
Pressure Stability YES
Recommended Mask Leakage YES
Respiratory Rate YES
Software Included YES
Unit Input Range YES
Width 11*1
Data Transfer Via Memory Card YES
Remote Compliance Data Retrieval YES
Electrical Supply YES
Max. Flow Rate For A Pressure Drop YES
I Deal In New Only
Auto On/Off Yes

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Out of stock

BMC RESmart G2S A20 Auto CPAP With Humidifier

The RESmart G2S A20 is a self-adjusting CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) system with an integrated humidifier for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) for adults, either in the hospital or at home. With its consistent quality and outstanding comfort features, the G2S allows you to say goodbye to snoring troubles and enjoy the rest of an entire night.

  • RESmart G2S is smaller, lighter and more affordable, built with an integrated humidifier.
  • User-friendly 2.4-inch color screen.
  • Control panel with 3 keys, simple and easy to use.
  • The water chamber is more comfortable for filling water and cleaning with drawing structure and opening cover.
  • With an integrated noise reduction system, the noise level is as low as 28 dB, independent of static or dynamic noise, the low-frequency noise is regulated that is imperceptible to humans, making you feel better.
  • Automatic leakage and adjustment for elevation ensure the reliability of therapy everywhere.

The new smart Luna Auto CPAP system is designed for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) home therapy and provides the latest state-of-the-art technology while being very user-friendly at the same time.
The Luna Auto CPAP System uses advanced sensor technology to track the breathing condition continuously, identify the start of snoring and automatically increase the pressure until the airway is fully open.
The Integrated H60 Heated Humidifier provides extra warmth while providing the perfect amount of moisture you need all night long.

Excellent comfort features

  • The newly designed integrated humidifier is fitted with a large heating plate (> 50 cm2) ensuring excellent humidifying efficiency and comfort.
  • The exhalation pressure release feature ‘ Reslex ‘ helps you to sleep easily at a lower pressure.
  • Auto on/off features.
  • Support for 15 mm tubing.

Various way of Sleep Report review

  • Quick Device Display Report.
  • App for BMCares.
  • The Cloud System of BMCares.
  • The online version of the iCode (
  • Data Analysis Program (PC) RESmart nPAP.
  • The online version of RESmart Software (

In The Box:

1X CPAP Machine
1X Humidifier
1X CPAP Hose
1X Adapter
1X Power Cable
1X Filter
1X BMC Mask
1X User Manual



BMC Medical Co., Ltd. (BMC), founded in 2001, is the leader in the development of home respiratory care devices and services in China. BMC is headquartered in Beijing, China's Zhongguancun Science Park and has received such important honors as National High-Tech Enterprise and Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise. As the leader in the domestic industry, BMC provides innovative solutions to diagnose, treat and manage sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and other chronic respiratory diseases for global families. The product portfolio of BMC includes diagnostic devices for SDB, flow generators and interfaces for patients. The company has been certified with the internationally recognized ISO 13485 quality management system and has been granted CFDA clearance from China, European Union CE marking, United States FDA clearance and regulatory approval from many other countries. A worldwide distribution and service network has been successfully established covering more than 80 countries and regions.

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    BMC RESmart GII Auto CPAP System E-20A with Humidifier

    Product CPAP
    Brand Name BMC
    Model Number E-20A
    Weight 4.5 kg
    Item Type Sleep & Snoring
    Pressure Range 4-20 cmH2O
    Pressure Display Accuracy ±(0.5 hPa+4%)
    Material Compound Material
    Type CPAP Machine
    Work Mode: CPAP Auto Titrate
    Noise <30DB
    Dimensions 170 mm × 196 mm × 118 mm, or 290 mm × 196 mm × 134 mm (with the humidifier)
    Mask Size S M L
    Certificate CE FDA ISO
    Screen Size 3.5 inch
    Pressure step 0.5(cm H2O)
    AC Power Consumption: 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A max
    Dimensions 35 x 23 x 26 cm
    Weight 1.5 kg, or 2.5 kg (with the humidifier)
    Air Hose Length: 6 ft. (1.83 m)
    Temperature 5°C to 35°C (41˚F to 95˚F)
    -25°C to 70°C (-13˚F to 158˚F)
    Humidity 15% to 93% Non-condensing
    up to 93% Non-condensing
    Atmospheric Pressure 760 ~ 1060 hPa
    760 ~ 1060 hPa
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    For E-20A system: CPAP, Auto

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    Bipap Model-DS7 ST-25 (TEXMED)


    Product Name  DS-7
    Model BiPAP ST 25
    Machine Size(mm) 280L x 140W x 95H
    Power Supply Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 2-1A
    Output  + 24V, 2.5A
    Working Mode CPAP, ST, S, T
    Screen 2.8 inch TFT, 320 x 240
    Data Storage SD Card
    DC Voltage 24VDC
    DC Current 2.0A maximum
    Sound  < 28dba
    Pressure range 4-30cmH2O
    Auto ON Yes
    Auto Altitude Yes
    Expiration Pressure Relief (EPR) Yes
    Auto OFF Yes
    Leak Compensation Yes
    Awake Detection Yes
    Breath Event Detection Yes
    Auto Pressure Titration NO
    Water Capacity  220ML max
    Humidifier Level 0-5 Level
    Humidifier Integrated Heated Humidifier

    Warranty: 1 Year

    Accessories Included:

    • 1x Nasal Mask 
    • 1x Headgear
    • 1x Tube 
    • 1x Filter 
    • 1x Power Adapter
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  • Philips Respironics Remstar Auto CPAP With Humidification

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    Philips Respironics Remstar Auto CPAP With Humidification

    Brand Philips
    Model Name Remstar Auto
    Country of Origin USA
    Certification US FDA, CE
    Product Features 1. Auto-dimming LED helps create a darker room for easy sleeping
    2. Compliance meter breathing detection
    Auto-Titrating – Pressure levels will
    3. automatically change throughout the night to reflect the patient’s needs.
    4. Includes the Respironics Performance Tubing
    Dimensions 7 inches L x 5.5 inches W x 4 inches H
    Product Weight 3 pounds
    Warranty One Year
    Auto Altitude Adjustments Automatic
    Data Storage Capacity Display: Compliance VIC, 7-and 30-Day Averages, SD Card: > 1 yr (daily details with flow waveforms) On-Board: up to 6 Months
    Filters Foam and Optional Ultra Fine
    Manufacturer Respironics
    Mask Off Alert Breathing Detection
    Noise Level 2.6 to 4.2 Dependant on Patient Settings
    Pressure 4-20cm H20
    Ramp Time 0 to 45 min (5-minute increments)
    Starting Ramp Pressure 4 to CPAP; Patient Adjustable


    Mode- Auto-Trial for flexible delivery

    Auto-Trial mode provides auto-CPAP breath-by-breath therapy for up to a total of 30 days after which the device automatically switches to CPAP-Check mode at the patient’s pressure at or below 90% of the trial period.

    Heated tube- More flexibility and patient comfort

    At the end of the Heated Tube, the System One device has a temperature sensor to deliver the selected moisture level to the patient while providing protection from a rainout. As a result, it is possible to achieve higher humidity levels for patients who might benefit from humidification.

    CPAP check mode for optimal pressure

    CPAP-Check mode checks whether the therapy pressure is optimal on the user every 30 hours. If not optimal, the nightly fixed CPAP pressure is automatically adjusted by 1 cm H2O to obtain the ideal pressure.

    Opti Start for customized pressure

    Opti-Start improves auto-CPAP therapy with a customized starting pressure.

    Configurable  PSmin

    Adjustable PSmin offers additional options to clinicians for patients requiring bi-level auto-therapy.

    Allies in Better Sleep and Breathing for Superior care

    System One is an example of how we remain committed to working with care teams in harmony to create solutions that can lead to healthier patients, healthier practices and healthier businesses. Our partnership is called Better Sleep and Breathing Allies.

    What In The Box:

    • CPAP 
    • Caring case
    • Breathing Tube
    • Nasal mask
    • Power Adaptor
    SKU: n/a
  • Resvent iBreeze 20A Pro Auto CPAP For Woman

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    Resvent iBreeze 20A Pro Auto CPAP For Woman

    Product Name Resvent Auto CPAP
    Model Name iBreeze 20A
    Brand Resvent
    Manufacturer Resvent
    International Protection IP22
    Dimension 238 × 178 × 128 mm
    Weight  1.38 Kg
    Display 3.5’’ LCD Colour Display
    Auto Altitude Adjustment Yes
    Noise Level ≤ 26dB
    Pressure Range 4-20 cmH20 (4-25 cmH2O is optional)
    Ramp Time 0-60 Min
    Starting Ramp Pressure 3-4 cmH2O
    Mode Auto & Manual
    SD card  Standard
    Mask  Nasal or Full-Face or Pillow mask as standard
    15 mm Tube Standard (Option to have 19mm Tube)
    Power Supply adapter  Standard
    Air outlet connector  Standard
    Air filter  Standard
    Humidifier Pot  Standard
    Wifi & Bluetooth Module Standard
    User manual Standard
    Certification  CE

    Warranty: 2 years

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