Philips Digitrak XT Holter Recorder (24 hour ECG)


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Philips Digitrak XT Holter Recorder (24 hour ECG)

Model Digitrak XT
ECG 5 Lead, 3 Channel
Sample Rate 175/sec
Event Switch Press Enter
Frequency Response 0.05Hz to 60Hz, @-3dB
Pacemaker Detection Available
Recording Time Up to 96 Hours
Weight with Battery 70 g
Operating Temperature 0°C to +45°C/32°F to 113°F
Waterproof Yes

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Philips Digitrak XT Holter Recorder (24 hour ECG)

Software with 2 Waterproof Recorder

With a large onboard display, Philips DigiTrak XT is the lightest Holter recorder on the market. This sleek, streamlined recorder is designed with all users in mind for patient comfort and smooth workflow.

Philips DigiTrak XT 48 hour recorder is thinner, lighter and features more. Includes recorder, belt clip and standard cables for patients.

Lightest monitor for weight. For all patients, particularly pediatric patients, it is excellent.

Provides three channels of EASI full 12 lead ECG analysis using only 5 electrodes. This provides patients with more comfort and less artifact. Provides three full channels at a 175 bits / second sampling rate. DigiTrak provides complete disclosure, data is not compressed, and all beats are recorded and analyzable. All recorders are capable of a pacemaker.

Recorders provide on-screen ECG preview before the patient leaves the office. This ensures a good hook up, fewer artifacts and fewer channels lost. Philips ‘ One-year warranty.

Other convenient features include: using a simple USB cable, data is transferred from the recorder.
Records on a single AAA battery for 48 hours.
Flashcard can’t be removed, can’t get lost.

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Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) is a leading health technology company focused on improving the health of individuals and enabling better outcomes from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care throughout the health continuum. In order to deliver integrated solutions, Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights. The company has its headquarters in the Netherlands and is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health information technology, as well as consumer health and home care. Philips generated sales of EUR 18.1 billion in 2018 and employs about 77,000 people in over 100 countries with sales and services.
Weight 2 kg
Model Digitrac XT
ECG 5 Lead, 3 Channel
Sample Rate 175/sec
Event Switch Press Enter
Frequency Response 0.05Hz to 60Hz, @-3dB
Pacemaker Detection Available
Recording Time Upto 96 Hours
Weight with Battery 70 g
Operating Temperature 0°C to +45°C/32°F to 113°F
Waterproof Yes

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    COFOE PVC Dual Tube Professional Stethoscope for Cardiology & General

    Product Specification
    Brand COFOE
    Place of Origin CHINA
    Model KF-TZ-30A
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    Material of Tube PVC
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  • TLC9803 Dynamic ECG Systems_Holter Monitor 24 hours Dynamic ECG Recorder

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    Holter Monitor 24 hours Dynamic ECG Recorder

    Brand: CONTEC
    Model: TLC9803

    Brief Introduction

    TLC9803 Dynamic ECG Systems adapts our company’s3-lead scheme, is able to continually record ECG waves for 24 hours, and analyze waves using PC software. It is applicable in the medical establishment of the hospital and community.

    Recorder Features

    • The recorder can work stable, reliable and durable with advanced design and technology.
    • Provide anti-jamming and aseismic capacity.
    • Small OLED-screen volume. 160* 128 is the resolution.
    • Waveform preview, record review, and event marking features are given.
    • Precise recording of the starting moment of the sampled information due to the actual clock itself.
    • Avoid harm due to repeated insertion and removal by using the built-in TF card for information storage.
    • Maximum capacity can be 2 GB, so no compression can save the original data perfectly.
    • Using the USB 2.0 interface, the average review time of a single case may be less than 40 seconds.
    • Record inexpensive waveform details by designing high precision and frequency of sampling.
    • Record the pacemaker status by a greater rate of sampling.

      The Features of Software

    • Rapid and accurate system of analysis.
    • In order to find accurate, 3-lead synchro analysis, QRS search can be accurate and without distortion.
    • There are over 10 templates, such as atrial premature beat module, ventricular premature beat module, lengthy interval module, atrial flutter module, atrial fibrillation module, etc., and multiple user-defined templates could almost recognize any type of pathological waveform.
    • Flexible selection channel analysis function, any channel can be selected as the channel primarily analyzed.
    • Flexible atrial fibrillation analysis to enable doctors to use full, segmented automatic, manual atrial fibrillation analysis to make the analysis faster and more accurate.
    • Many modules for pacing were added.
    • Fast review analysis function can be a single lead check or an electrocardiogram of all leads.
    • Analysis of short-range5-minute hearing rate variability and long-range1-hourand 24-hour heart rate variability analysis.
    • One-stop printing, report printing is convenient and fast.
    • Perfect case management functionality.
    • Advanced analysis of the ST segment and total load of myocardial ischemia, may allow the doctor to make a comprehensive assessment of myocardial ischemia for an ST abnormal analysis according to the whole and event.
    • Analysis of the single “Sleep breath pause syndrome analysis” may predict the risk of sleep breath pause.
    • ” Analysis of HRT in patients with myocardial infarction can predict the risk of death.
    • Analysis of “T Wave Alternation” is an important index for predicting malignant arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death.


    • Channel number: 3 channels
    • Sampling accuracy:12Bit
    • Record time: 24 h
    • Power: 2 AA batteries
    • Interface: USB2.0
    • Scale voltage: 1mV±5 percent
    • Standard sensitivity: 10mm / mV±5 percent
    • Noise level:30?V
    • CMRR: 60dB
    • Characteristics of low frequency: constant time?Duration of polarization voltage: ±300mV DC polarization voltage, sensitivity shift?±10 percent
    • Minimum signal of measurement: 50 μV p-p
    • Safety form of product: Type B (internally driven)


    • 3-lead ECG lead wires (1 set)
    • 1 bag(20 per bag)
    • USB information line(1)
    • Disk(1)
    • Bag(1)
    • User manual(1)

    Physical  characteristic

    Dimension:111mm(L) * 60mm(W) *25mm(H)
    Weight:About 105g(without  battery)

    Certificate: CE FDA


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    CONTEC ABPM50 24 Hour Arm NIBP Holter with PC Software

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    Over View

    ABPM50 is a handheld outpatient blood pressure monitor designed according to the principle of oscillography and capable of 24-hour outpatient monitoring NIBP. It provides the exact estimation warrant and applies to clinics, hospital wards or daily family health care.

    Compact and portable, friendly interface, easy to use
    Patient range: adult, pediatric, neonatal
    24 hours ambulatory NIBP measure function, at best 358 pieces of ambulatory NIBP measure data can be recorded once.
    Automatic measure and manual measure of the perfect combination, at best 300 pieces of NIBP measure data can be recorded once by manual measure.
    High-definition color TFT display, strong visibility
    By data review interface such as “data list”, “trend graph”, “big font”, NIBP data is clear at a glance
    The device can display low power prompt information, alarm information, error information and time information richly
    Supply two kinds of NIBP measure unit: mmHg / kPa
    Display interface can be switched between Chinese and English
    Parameter alarm dispose of function is optional
    Communicate with PC, PC software can achieve data review, analysis measure results, seeing trend graph, printing reports, and other functions

    Measure Method: Oscillometry
    Measure Mode: The upper arm measure
    Automatic Measure Interval:,240 minutes
    Measure range: 0kPa(0mmHg)~38.67kPa(290mmHg)
    Resolution: 1mmHg
    Accuracy: ±3mmHg
    Pulse Rate
    Measure range:40bpm~240bpm
    Display: 2.4″ TFT colour LCD
    Alarm parameter: SYS / MAP / DIA
    Increasing pressure mode: force pump increases pressure automatically
    Reducing pressure mode: self-motion ladder reducing pressure mode
    Power: DC 3V(Two “AA”,1.5V Alkali Battery)
    Product safety type: Type BF applied part (Internally powered,defibrillation-proof)

    Physical specialty:
    Dimension: 128mm*69mm*36 mm (No including Packing)
    Weight: <350g (Including Batteries)

    Cuff for adult
    Disk (PC software)
    User manual
    USB data line

    SKU: n/a