Safety Tips

  • Placement of the Light Unit
  • Remove the mattress from the baby’s bassinet. Place the unit on the flat surface inside the bassinet.
  • If using a pack and play – turn the pad over so the hard surface is facing up – a sturdy safe hard level surface is needed.
  • A crib can be used if the mattress is removed and there is a hard flat surface to place the unit on.
  • Do not use lotions or creams on your baby while on therapy.
  • Do not move the light therapy while the baby is on it.
  • Do not block the fan/vent on the foot of the Light Unit.

Cleaning Tips

  • If the blanket therapy becomes soiled, dispose of the new blanket and use it. Wipe with a damp cloth if the baby support gets soiled.

Notice to Parent/Primary Caregiver

  • Your doctor has prescribed a course of treatment for your child that includes this equipment for phototherapy. Neither the dealer nor the manufacturer makes any claims, warranties or representations as to the suitability of the type of treatment to the specific requirements of your child, nor will the dealer or manufacturer accept any responsibility for the success or failure of any treatment.

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