Chison i3-Ultrasound Machine

Chison i3-Ultrasound Machine


• Linear probe (60mm)
• Transvaginal probe
• Transvaginal probe
• Phased array probe
• Micro-Convex probe
• Micro-Convex probe (adult Cardiac)
• Micro-Convex
• CW
• 4D package: inducing 2.5MHz-5.3MHz 4D volume probe, 4D software, and 4D hardware module
• Video printer(SONY UP-X898MD), PC printer(HP Pro 111P1102W & HP Pro 200 M251n & Canon sleepy cp910)
• DICOM 3.0
• i-image: image optimization software
• Biopsy kit: for convex, linear, TV probe
• Foot-switch
• Super needle
• 2D steer
• Quadplex
• Auto IMT
• Elastography

Warranty: 1 Year.


৳ 750,000

Chison i3-Ultrasound Machine


Ultrasound Machine – Chison I3 provides you outstanding 2D images and fast 4D volume images, while the streamlined workflow makes your busy practices much easier and efficient.


  • B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M
  • CFM
  • PW Mode
  • Power Doppler/Directional PD
  • Trapezoidal
  • Real-time 4D (Option)
  • Chroma B/PW
  • CW (Option)


  • Convex probe
    • Linear probe
    • Transvaginal probe
    • Phased array probe
    • Micro-Convex probe
    • 4D Volume probe


  • AIO (Automatically adjust dynamic motion)
    • Trapezoidal imaging
    • SRA(Speckle noise reduction
    • THI
    • Compound technology
    • i-image: image optimization software


  • OB&GYN
    • Vascular
    • Urology
    • Small parts
    • Cardiac
    •  Abdominal
    • Vascular
    •  Peripheral vascular
    •  Small parts
    •  Prostate
    •  Breast
    •  Superficial
    •  Musculoskeletal
    • Gynecological and fertility
    •  Pediatric general imaging
    •  Surgical Imaging
    •  Obstetrical
    •  Interventional Imaging
    •  Epicedial Imaging
    •  Fetal Echo


Main unit, 19″ LCD,4 probe connectors,
Hard disk, DVD-RW,6 USB flash memory




Founded in 1996, CHISON Medical Technologies Co., LTD is one of the world's leading ultrasound systems manufacturers. CHISON adheres to independent research and development in its 23-year history, nominated as the national R&D project leader supported by China's 12th & 13th5-year plan, has become a leading enterprise in China's ultrasound industry. As the only technology leader in China to have certified CMD, CE (EU), FDA (US), CSA (Canada), KFDA (S.Korea) and other related international certifications, CHISON has a wide sales network covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with Marketing & Service Centers in North America and Europe providing customers with marketing and services.

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    • E-CUBE 11 has been re-designed to simplify and streamline day-to-day workflow. Our intuitive, tablet-like touchscreen interface is designed to reduce reach and button pushes
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    • Using a powerfully optimized and sophisticated signal algorithm, Optimal Imaging SuiteTM(FullSRI, SCI, FCI) offers exceptional detail, clearer boundary definition and a broader grayscale in tissue
    • Advanced platform with HD Digital Beamforming powering E-CUBE 11 allows you to achieve excellent picture resolution ‘ particularly in the near-field, ‘ consolidating uniformity. Integrated Solid-state drive (SSD)with 512GB image storage capacity & Industry-leading computational speed processor (Intel Core ™ i7) Microsoft® Windows® 7 Integration
    • Innovative transducer design driven by MicroFit technology facilitates optimized efficiency and improves ergonomics
    • Wireless LAN for PACS information transfer without space constraints

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    Harmonic Imaging Available- PSH™
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    E-Cube 8, Diagnostic Ultrasound
    Brand: Alpinion

    Smartness for your daily practice

    The requirements of patients and medical practitioners are becoming more diverse with the quickly evolving medical setting. We need to react to their requirements and adapt rapidly to the modifications in order to satisfy customer requirements.

    The E-CUBE 8 will become an excellent partner for your practice, providing both ease of use and a quick and precise diagnostic process. Individual service and care will be given to your clients and healthcare productivity will also be enhanced. E-CUBE 8 is an intelligent, reliable product with excellent image quality and multi-purpose usability that guarantees high efficiency. The E-CUBE 8 is for you the most reasonable option.

    Physical specification

    • Width: 532 mm
    • Depth: 787 mm
    • Height: 1430 mm
    • Weight: 55 kg (only system)

    System design

    • 5 “flat panel monitor and articulated arm
    • front handle
    • 4 active probe connectors
    • 1 pencil probe port
    • 4 rotating wheels
    • Integrated HDD SSD
    • ECG (optional)
    • Thermal printer storage
    • Installed stereo speaker
    • Installed cable management
    • System boot up: in 60 sec.

    Main Monitor

    • 5 “high-definition LED-backlit LCD
    • Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (16:9 wide)
    • 2 M color display
    • Contrast: 1:1,000
    • IPS (In Plane Switching) technology
    • Light and contrast adjustment
    • Articulated monitor arm-Swivel: + /- 135 °-Tilt: + 30 ° /-90 °

    Control panel

    • Backlit alphanumeric keyboard
    • Ergonomic key layout
    • 8 TGC control levers
    • 3 user-customizable keys
    • 5 removable sample holders
    • Optional integrated gel warmer (3 temperature levels)
    • Low: 31°C — Medium: 34°C — High: 37°C

    Touch screen

    • 4 “high-definition LED-backlit LCD
    • resolution: 1.024 X 768
    • 2 M color display
    • Computer energy adjustable for brightness and contrast (OSD)
    • Main CPU: Intel Core i7-4700EQ 3.2 GHz
    • Main memory: 4 GB
    • HDD[500 GB ] and SSD[128 GB ]

    System Architecture

    • Digital Beamforming
    • High-Density Transducer Connector
    • Transducer Power ViewTM (C- Architecture)
    • Triple Multi-Beam
    • FleXcanTM
    • SensitiViewTM
    • Crystal SignatureTM
    • MicroFitTM
    • Optimal Imaging SuiteTM
    • Raw Data Processing
    • Nadel Enhancement
    • Multi-layer transducer
    • Windows7 Embedded Transducer ​

    Transducer Type

    • Convex
    • Micro Conven
    • Endo Vacity
    • Linear
    • Phased
    • Volume

    SKU: n/a