Autoclave ST-459F (With Auto Dry)

 Autoclave ST-459F (With Auto Dry)

Product Name Autoclave
Model No ST-459F(With Auto Dry)
Origin  Taiwan

One Year


৳ 750,000

Autoclave ST-459F (With Auto Dry)

Product Description:

The steam sterilizer is a highly safe sterilizing material with a reliable function, ideal for major hospitals, clinics, and biochemical testing laboratories, etc., for the sterilization of instruments, cloth, glassware, and liquid, etc.

Practical Sterilization Function:

  • The preset vacuum feature will shorten the time of sterilization.
  • The vacuum drying feature will quickly remove undesirable moisture and meet the test requirements of Bowie Dick.
  • Tissue/appliance & glass/liquid, sterilization Dynamic switch mode can be selected to switch between different types of sterilizable materials. When liquid sterilization, make sure liquid ingredients to avoid rust and corrosion occurred. Please select stainless steel for medical & chemical products, physiological salt water, etc.
  • Auto Water Supply Device: The electrical control system can automatically detect and detect the volume of water. If the water volume is low, it will supply.

 Safety Devices:

  • The system will cut off the heating power automatically to prevent overheating, dry-out or even meltdown of the heating device.
  • Pressure Controller with a maximum boiler pressure of 2.2 ±0.1kg / cm 2. When the pressure reaches the set value, to prevent the pressure from rising, the heating power will be automatically off.
  • Safety Valve, when the pressure reaches 2,5kg / cm 2, the quick exhaust of the vapor will start and release the chamber pressure.
  • Pressure Lock, if the internal chamber pressure exceeds 0.2kg / cm2, the clutch is automatically locked and the door cover can not be opened to keep the operator safe.
  • Safety Door Cover switch, wheel.


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