Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medigate Me CA 812i

Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medigate Me CA 812i

Model: Me CA 812i
Brand: Medigate
Origin: Korea

Medigate 12 Ch Eletro cardiograph, 12 leads Resting Template MeCA812i ECG Analysis Device. With default Medigate Corp. Korea accessories.


  • Built-in high-resolution 8-inch thermal printer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Software management device [ PC Interface: RS232, LAN(reserve) ]
  • Complete alphanumeric keyboard capability [ Option: PS2 keyboard ]
  • ECG space [ Typical: 50ECGs, Option(1 GB SD card): 5000 ECGs ]
  • Firmware upgrade via USB memory stick
  • 320 * 204(dots) Graphical LCD screen.
  • High Quality, Easy-to-use, and Convenience
  • Purchase, review, processing, and printing one-button process.
  • The ECG signal’s LCD preview shows a misleading lead and signals distortion.
  • Complete alphanumeric keyboard for convenient operation.
  • Continuous recording of 3,6,12 channels in real-time.
  • Me CA 812i will store up to 5000 ECGs with the SD-Card.
  • Printing, printing, and distribution of ECGs .

ECG Management System

  • Using the RS232, LAN or SD card, ECG can be transmitted from the ECG cardiograph to the PC (Mecalyzer).
  • The capability of server/client network service
  • Image (Jph or BMP) capability to capture printing.

Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medigate Me CA 812i

Product Description:

MeCA812i has a clinically proven rhythm, electrical axis, QRS structure changes, conduction defects, hypertrophy features, ST-T switch, myocardial attack, etc.

Main Feature:

  • High quality and simple to use a feature
  • Fast and accurate cardiograph
  • Simultaneous acquisition of up to 12 leads
  • 3,6,12 channel LCD display ECG signal overview
  • ECG storage and transmission
  • 3, 6 and 12 channel real-time continuous recording.
  • Producers: Medigate, Korea
  • Warranty: part and labor of 12 months.



Medigate’s security platform utilizes “clinical intelligence” so that IT, IS, and biomedical practitioners can thoroughly comprehend what’s on the network, where it’s coming from, and what it’s doing. Clinical context gives you an edge because it helps you to reliably detect suspicious activity, communications, and traffic habits, as well as establish appropriate policies. Comprehensive user profiles allow you to set up external protection filters to easily shut down network segments as required and better control device lifecycles.

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