Heal Force OT Led Light T8060

Heal Force OT Led Light T8060

Product Name LED Light
Brand Heal Force
Luminance (Lux) (130.000 lux – 160.000 lux) X 2
Color Temperatur (Kelvin) 5100K±300K
Light field diameter (mm)  d10: ≥160; d50:≥50% X d10
Focusing depth (mm)                           :  ≥ 800
Color rendering index (RA)  95±5
Total irradiance ≤ 1000W/m² Ee/Ec:≤6mW/m²
Power supply AC 220 – 230V/50-6Hz, 110V 60Hz
Rated current 0.68A+0.68A
Rated power 150VA+90VA
Power of LED bulb (1W high-power LED bulb) X 150pcs
Voltage of LED bulb                              : Vf: DC 3.2V
Standard installation height (mm) 2900 – 3100
Carrying capacity for OR ceiling (Kg)  ≥ 500
Weight (Kg)   105

Heal Force OT Led Light T8060

Product Description:

The new generation of TOPLED surgical lighting series variable and fixed focus integrates innovative shamrock design to reduce the operating theater’s effect on laminar flow. In long-term surgery with much lower power consumption, the new LED lighting technology allows a total clear spectrum and excellent cooling illumination. Optional non-contact light intensity adjustment further decreases the need for lamp head movement against surgical variability, which will greatly enhance surgical performance and prevention of infection.

Hospitals and clinics can flexibly customize hardware and software solutions, as well as m, based on realistic surgery specifications and room limitations.


  • LED engineering, Hollowing model, Low temperature, Optical performance.
  • Streamlining surfaces, beam shaper design,
  • Facula length variable and focal depth optical.
  • Good climate, suspension unit.
  • High optical efficiency, the scope of luminance.
  • Long-life and multi-level dimming help the stability loop.
  • Up to 50,000 hours or more average life span.
  • Dome diameter Ø 80 cm and Ø 60 cm.


Heal Force

Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Limited was established in 1989 and is a Chinese manufacturer of medical equipment, laboratory equipment and equipment for healthcare. With more than two decades of field experience, we can offer a wide range of products including our electrosurgical generator, anesthetic machine, patient monitor, biological safety cabinet, laboratory centrifuge, pulse oximeter, massager, and more. We can also offer customized solutions to the special requirements of customers. Our company, headquartered in Hong Kong, has steadily grown and now has many subsidiaries, such as Heal Force Development Limited, Nison Instrument (Shanghai) Limited, Shanghai Lishen Scientific Equipment  Company, Shanghai Lonyee Company, to name few We have established a comprehensive sales and service network at Heal Force that allows us to deliver quality products and services to customers at home and abroad. Our electrosurgical generator, patient monitor, laboratory centrifuge, CO2 incubator, and other products are currently being exported to over 120 countries around the world, including France, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, and more.

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