Manual Blood Pressure Machine AG1-20 (Microlife)

Manual Blood Pressure Machine AG1-20 (Microlife)

Microlife blood pressure monitoring was clinically tested for specific groups of patients such as diabetes, end-stage renal disease, pregnancy and pre-eclampsia, hypotension, and children (from age 13).

Brand Microlife
Model no BP AG1-20
Size 175 x 70 x 103 mm
Weight 450g
Measuring range 0 – 300 mmHg


High-quality sphygmomanometer
Soft M-cuff (22-32cm)
Bulb and valve
Soft bag

Guarantee: 2 years 


৳ 1,650 ৳ 2,057

Manual Blood Pressure Machine

Model: AG1-20 (Microlife)


Stethoscopes are used in auscultation to take blood pressure by listening to specific heartbeat sounds that are then used by the doctor to determine systolic and diastolic pressure.  Oscillometric technology measures the blood vibration that travels through the arteries and transforms the movement into digital readings.



Microlife is a world leader in the development and manufacture of medical diagnostic equipment for home and health care use.

Microlife is the leading thermometer manufacturer in the world. The company is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical diagnostic equipment for use at home and in health facilities. Some of our core products are blood pressure

Our products and services are designed to enable individuals to monitor their own health and improve it. Microlife was the first company to introduce the digital thermometer that was free of mercury. We have continued on this path: our products are free of harmful substances from the environment.

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