VATECH CBCT Machine (Pano+CBCT+Ceph)

CBCT Machine (Pano+CBCT+Ceph)


Product Name CBCT Machine
Model  PaX-i3D Smart SC
Origin Korea
 Image Quality Low Dose and High
CT-FOV Size  10X8.5(Anatomical 12X9 cm) : 5X5 / 10X7 / 10X8.5 , 8X8 : 8X8
Voxel Size  0.08mm / 0.2mm / 0.3mm
Recon Time CT : Max. 90 sec. (10X8.5 / 0.2 Voxel Basis)
Pano : Less than 2 sec
Scan Time  CT   :18sec
Pano : 13.6sec / 7sec [Option with Magic PAN]
Ceph  : Scan : 12.9secPano : 13.6sec / 7sec [Option with Magic PAN]
Ceph  : Scan : 12.9sec
Gray Scale 14bit
Patent Position  Standing/Wheel-Chair Accessible
Tube Voltage/Current 50-99 kVp / 4 – 16 mA
Rotating Unit Scan Angle 360º
Imaging System Software Ez dent-i & Ez3D-i

৳ 11,700,000

CBCT Machine (Pano+CBCT+Ceph)


Not only a CT image , but also an Auto Pano image is given by one scan with a PaX-i3D Smart. This means that there is no need to undergo two X-ray scans for patients who require both images. Also, within the One Viewer function, CT and Auto Pano images are shown.

The PaX-i3D Smart ‘s revolutionary FOV offers an arch-shaped volume that gives a broader view of dentition compared to other devices with the same FOV. A FOV 10×8.5 image usually displays tooth # 8. When the tooth is lying on its side, though,

Practitioners want to diagnose a CBCT that is not compromised by metal objects and still generates high quality 3D images.



We progress X-ray research by developing new innovations. Vatech is an X-ray development, processing, and manufacturing company with proprietary technologies. Based on our extensive R&D infrastructure, we are creating the world's first inventions.

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