We've helped people with sedentary syndrome better their health as a safe home innovation business. Sedentary people will easily obtain a better, more effective, and more enjoyable new way of working with the help of Maidesitedesk.

Our Backstory

Maidesitedesk will continue to invest in technological research and development, expand Independent engineering capabilities, and deliver better goods and services to customers all over the world in the future, all while enhancing product quality. Keep tuned because we're almost set to go!

Our Possibilities

We will aim to provide safe and effective office options for our clients, whether now or in the future.

The aim of brand formation at the outset

Maidesitedesk insisted on the idea of transparency from the start "Quality would help you succeed, so look for it.

innovation-driven growth ", promoting the latest model of smart offices by smart office goods as the carrier.

"Alternate standing then sitting, and get up and perform healthier." Long-term sedentary work and the global sedentary workplace

The front desk team creates an overall office solution that is safe, insightful, effective, and customized.

Future growth of the brand

Our dream is that, as a result of Maidesitedesk, sedentary citizens all over the world will be healthier.

Maidesitedesk follows the brand idea of "Experiencing family love and traveling life."

follows the architectural principles of fitness, intellect, environmental sustainability, and customized design.

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