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    ELM 2000 – Video Colposcopy

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    ELM 2000 – Video Colposcopy

    ELM 2000 – Video Colposcopy have Special diagnosis and analysis software package.

    •  Digital video colposcopy ELM 2000 has SONY ex-view HAD CCD,
    •  1-54x zooming, fast autofocus / manual focus,
    •  Long-life and cold LED light source, electronic green filter,
    • Acetic acid response time indicator,
    • Magnification indicator, powerful image management workstation,
    • Dynamic image capture and cine loop,
    • Special diagnosis and analysis software package.
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  • Olympus CV- 260 Endoscope Machine

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    Olympus CV- 260 Endoscope Machine

    Olympus CV- 260 Endoscope Machine is a very high-quality and popular product.

    Brand Name OLYMPUS
    Model CV-260
    Repair Service Circle 3-5 working days.
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  • Pentax Versa HD Endoscopy Machine

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    Pentax Versa HD Endoscopy Machine

    Product Specification
    Brand Pentax
    Place of Origin Japan
    Model Varsa
    Video Output Y/C, DVI, RGB, SYNC, AV
    Light Source LED
    Dimensions 452 x 167 x 146 mm
    Weight 11.5 Kg
    Color Tone Adjustment “R”,”B” adjustment +-25 steps
    Brightness adjustment “Y” adjustment +-25 steps
    Freeze, Save, Review Available
    Gain Control Off, 1, 2, 3
    Monitoring Mode Average, Peak
    White balance adjustment Available
    Voltage 100-140 VAC
    Frequency 50-60 Hz

    VERSA is a CMOS and LED-based PENTAX Medical High-Definition platform. We provide you with a complete HD solution for every budget with our custom-made peripheral devices and well-known PENTAX Medical sales and service infrastructure. If you are looking for a complete and convenient system to move that makes it easy to perform diagnostics and daily therapeutic procedures, then VERSA is your answer.

    Improved diagnoses with HD

    High-Definition image quality supported by an image enhancement algorithm for high contrast observation and vascularization of mucosal patterns.

    VERSA is based on CMOS HD sensor technology and uses an integrated LED light source to ensure long-life and consistent performance. The technology helps minimize the cost of maintenance. The USB recording function of VERSA helps to reduce running costs as images can be digitally documented without the need for additional printing costs.

    Reliable PENTAX Medical Service Infrastructure VERSA platform from PENTAX Medical comes with a comprehensive service offering, highlighting our commitment as a trusted after-sales partner. Our well-established service infrastructure is designed to minimize turn-around times and meet the highest standards of quality repair and service. Our guarantee program supports all repairs.

    High-definition images VERSA Video Processor (EPK-V1500c) Equipped with the high-resolution image sensor and LED lighting technology, VERSA protects endoscopic color and displays high-quality images.

    The Ergonomic Grip The grip design was designed to ensure that the High-Definition endoscope is used comfortably. The operation knob is designed for convenient handling.

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