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  • Emergency Ventilator JIXI-H-100C

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    The emergency ventilator JIXI-H-100C is used for ambulance, transportation and first aid outside. It can be used in patients with children and adults.


    • Electronically controlled pneumatically driven
    • Multi-functional emergency transport ventilator
    • Waveform display and multi-parameter monitoring
    • Simple operation, compact design, reliable performance
    • Flexible power supply: A / C, D / C, rechargeable
    • built-in battery
    • Ventilation modes
    • Controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV)
    • Controlled mechanical ventilation (A / C)
    • Synchronized intermittent mandatory
    • Spontaneous ventilation (SPONT)
    • Technical data
    • Screen: LCD
    • Gas supply: 0.4Mpa±10 percent
    • Power supply: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
    • Maximum safety pressure: < 60hpa
    • Size: 300160230 mm
    • Power supply: 3 kg.


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  • CHW-3020B ICU Ventilator

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    CHW-3020B ICU Ventilator

    Brand: Nanjing Chenwei Medical Equipment Co.
    Model: CHW-3020B


    • 20-300ml tidal volume for pediatrics, 250-1500ml for adults.
    • Monitoring types:I: E, Freq(bpm), Sustain P, MV, Fio2, PEEP, Peak, Ri, Cs. VTI, VTE, etc.
    • Waveforms of P-T, F-T, V-T, and loops of P-V, F-V, F-P,
    • Ventilation modes:VCV,PCV,PSV, SIMV, CAPA,APNEA,A/C, SIGN, MANUAL,STAND-BY, etc.
    • 12.1″ touch LCD with desirable color.


    • Air compressor
    • Self-testing and calibration
    • Air compressor support (optional)
    • Flow (optional) and pressure trigger
    • Temperature adjustment humidifier
    • Adult and pediatric ventilation mode support
    • Ventilation parameter 10.4”TFT display
    • Multi-mode ventilation (VCV, SIMV, PSV, PCV, CPAP, Manual, SIGH) feature.

    Warranty: 1 Year

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  • Electro Surgical Unit DT-300S (Diathermy)

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    Electro Surgical Unit DT-300S (Diathermy)

    Product NameElectro Surgical Unit
    Main Frequency400, 482KHZ ±10%
    Repetition33KHz ±10%
    H.F.L.CLess than 150mA
    Patient leads to  groundLess than 0.01mA
    Classis to groundLess than 0.1mA
    Power Source110/220V(±10%), 50/60Hz
    Dimensions (H×W×D) mm147×330×417mm
     CE 3rd EditionISO9001, 13485
    New Operation ModeMonopolar/Bipolar SOFT COAG MODE
    D.R.M Systempatient Return electrode Monitoring

    warranty: 1 Year

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  • Electrosurgical Diathermy EB-03 Healforce

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    Electrosurgical Diathermy EB-03 Healforce


    EB-03 can be used in various operations such as general surgery, dermatology, plastic surgery, endoscopy, vascular surgery, heart / thoracic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and ophthalmology.

    Cutting mode : Pure: 350\150W \500 Load\1800V\1200\1.5 Crest Factor.
    Cutting mode :Blend1:300\120 W \500 Load\ 2700\2000V\1.9 Crest Factor.
    Cutting mode : Blend2: 200\80W \ 500 Load\ 2400\1700V\ 2.3 Crest Factor.
    Cutting mode :Blend3:150\60W\ 500 Load\ 2900\3000V\ 3.1 Crest Factor.
    Coagulation mode :Point: 100\70W\ 500 Load \ 4.600\3900V\ 4.5 Crest Factor.
    Coagulation mode : Soft: 100\70W\ 500 Load\ 3600\3300V\ 6.1 Crest Factor.
    Coagulation mode :Standard: 50\50W \ 100 Load \ 600V\ 1.5 Crest Factor.
    Accessory & Supply Connection
    Finger-switch Pencil:1
    Foot-Switch Pencil:2
    Patient return electro code:1
    AC power supply:1
    Equipotential bonding:1
    Power feature
    Rate frequency:512kHz (110\240v Ac,60\50Hz).
    Isolated output: YES.
    Quantitative display of contact area:YES, for ”Split” type of neutral electro code.
    Contact area indicator lamp:10 lamps (one for 10% contact), alarm beep and flicker if contact<20%.
    Split\Solid neutral electrode definition:YES, ”Split” or ”Solid” indicator lamp lights up.
    Adjustable alarm volume: YES
    Operational duty cycle:10 seconds ON, 30 seconds OFF.
    Cooling method:Convection
    Type according to EN 60601-1: CF.
    Protection class to EN 60601-1:Class 1.
    Classification acc.to MDD 93\42EEC: llb.
    Dimension (WxDxH):330*450*150mm.
    Weight:7 Kg.
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  • Olympus CV- 260 Endoscope Machine

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    Olympus CV- 260 Endoscope Machine

    Olympus CV- 260 Endoscope Machine is a very high-quality and popular product.

    Brand NameOLYMPUS
    Repair Service Circle3-5 working days.
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  • Sturdy Autoclave HP Series

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    Sturdy Autoclave HP Series


    • Touch screen
    • Split pre-vacuum air removal
    • User login / password security
    • Jacket warm-up feature
    • Bowie Dick, Leakage, Helix check diagnostics
    • Overheat safety
    • Pressure auto door lock
    • Emergency button
    • External steam generator
    • Customization system
    • Electronic printing and USB port
    • Cylindrical chamber size: 100, 143, 196, 350 (L)
    • Square chamber size: 110, 260, 454, 680, 680,848 (L)
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  • Mindray DC-40 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

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    Mindray DC-40 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

    Product Specification
    ApplicationHospital, Diagnostic
    Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Imaging modes:B/M/Color/Color/3D/4D/M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging
    Touch Screen10.4 inch
    Monitor17 inch
    Transducer port4 active
    Speckle ReductionAvailable- iClear™
    Harmonic ImagingAvailable- PSH™
    Compound ImagingAvailable- iBeam
    Auto Image OptimizationAvailable- iTouch™
    Full-Screen ViewAvailable- iZoom™
    Hard Disc1 TB
    DVD WriterAvailable
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  • E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND Ultrasound machine – Alpinon

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    E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND Ultrasound machine – Alpinon

    E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND’s exceptional quality allows a sophisticated acoustic technology that accurately manages and handles ultrasound signals.

    Crystal Signature™ALPINION’s specialized single crystal technology, Crystal Signature™, produces higher image resolution, wide bandwidth, and deep penetration.
    MicroFit™ TechnologyALPINION’s innovative transducer design facilitates optimized performance and enhances ergonomics.
    SensitiView™ TechnologySensitiView™ Technology encompasses the CSA™(Clear Signal Amplifier), low loss cable and matching technology with the system.
    FleXcan™ ArchitectureALPINION’s unique software-based ultrasound imaging platform ensures stable imaging performance and easy software upgrade
    Optimal Imaging Suite™Optimized post-processing technology set creates optimized images by effectively decreasing artifacts and enhancing the edge of organs.- SCI- FCI- FTHI- PITHI- SRI / FullSRI™
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  • Mindray DP-30 Power Digital Ultrasonic Imaging System

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    Mindray DP-30 Power Digital Ultrasonic Imaging System


    Seeing Clearly by Full Screen

    • 12.1-inch LED with full-screen configuration
    • 30-degree tilting angle-adjustable display
    • 2 standard transducer connectors
    • Friendly backlight control panel
    • Light and lightweight model for maximum portability

    Operating with Streamlined Workflow

    • iScanHelper provides an ultrasound guide for your training
    • iStorage for instant photos and PC monitoring
    • User ned keys for programmable custom operations
    • 1.5h uninterrupted battery scanning
    • 500 GB hard disk for broad patient data storage.

    Adding Power to Your Diagnoses

    • Power Doppler helps identify blood flow in various medical conditions
    • PW Doppler and Auto Trace show blood flow information for a more detailed diagnosis
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging for improved contrast resolution
    • iClear for Speckle Reduction Imaging, offering clear and sharp lesion contours
    • iTouch for quick image processing
    • iZoom for instant full-screen picture magnification.
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  • Biocare IE-12A 12 Channel ECG Machine

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    Biocare IE-12A 12 Channel ECG Machine

    Model NOIE-12A
    Transport PackageCarton
    ClassificationPhysiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
    OriginJiangsu China
    TypeDigital EEG/ECG/EKG/EMG/VCG
    CertificationCE, FDA
    Medical Device Regulatory TypeType 1
    Power SupplyAC110-230V 50/60Hz
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  • Biocare 12 Channel ECG Machine

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    Biocare,12 Channel ECG Machine

    Brand:  Biocare

    Model : BC-ECG-1210


    • Biocare 12Ch Digital Resting ECG w/5.7 “LCD Foldable Screen, ECG-121
    • Foldable monitor (0~80 degree) with 5.7 inches LCD, contrast is adjustabl
    • R-R interval analysis, detailed and brief analysis reports meet different requirements
    • Multi-language options
    • Real-time waveform freezing
    • Economy mode available help to reduce printing costs
    • Long-lasting Li-ion battery works for up to 2 hours
    • LAN port for real-time data transmission
    • Easy upgrade keeps you updated
    • Delightful operating experience with long-lasting silicone button, unique shuttle design
    • FDA approved. Optional SD card, unlimited data storage
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  • BMC GII Auto CPAP E-20A without Humidifier

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    BMC GII Auto CPAP E-20A without Humidifier

    Brand NameBMC
    Model NumberE-20A
    Weight4.5 kg
    Item TypeSleep & Snoring
    Pressure Range4-20 cmH2O
    Pressure Display Accuracy±(0.5 hPa+4%)
    MaterialCompound Material
    TypeCPAP Machine
    Work Mode:CPAP Auto Titrate
    Dimensions170 mm × 196 mm × 118 mm, or 290 mm × 196 mm × 134 mm (with the humidifier)
    Mask SizeS M L
    CertificateCE FDA ISO
    Screen Size3.5 inch
    Pressure step0.5(cm H2O)
    AC Power Consumption:100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A max
    Dimensions35 x 23 x 26 cm
    Weight1.5 kg, or 2.5 kg (with the humidifier)
    Air HoseLength: 6 ft. (1.83 m)
    Temperature5°C to 35°C (41˚F to 95˚F)
    -25°C to 70°C (-13˚F to 158˚F)
    Humidity15% to 93% Non-condensing
    up to 93% Non-condensing
    Atmospheric Pressure760 ~ 1060 hPa
    760 ~ 1060 hPa
    Mode of OperationContinuous
    Work ModeFor E-20C system: CPAP
    For E-20A system: CPAP, Auto

    Warranty: 1 year.

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  • Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine Apogee 3500 Elite

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    Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine Apogee 3500 Elite


    Product NameUltrasound Machine
    ModelAPOGEE 3500 ELITE
    Type2D, 3D, 4D, Doppler
    ApplicationHospital, Diagnostic Centre
    Display ModeB, B+B, B+M, M, 4B
    Scanning ModeConvex, Linear, Micro Convex, HIGH-FREQUENCY LINEAR PRO
    Scan format4D volume, Linear, Convex, Phased array, Micro-convex, Trans-vaginal, Trans-rectal, Bi-plane
    Monitor18.5″ LCD / 8.4″ touch screen
    ProbesIndependent probe and cable management / Four active probe connectors
    Advanced cardiac functionsTDI, AMM
    Intuitive workflowAuto EF, Auto-fit, Auto IMT measurement, Smarchive
    ModesB-mode, M-mode, Color / CPA / DPA / TDI-mode, ­PWD-mode, CW-mode, 3D &4D-mode, Elastography-mode

    Note: Two probes with the machine.

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  • Alpinion E-Cube 15 Platinum

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    The E-CUBE 15 EX continuously provides velocity, throughput, and precision for those who require the greatest quality diagnosis for their patients in the most challenging of situations. ALPINION proprietary imaging techniques, designed transducer set, and intuitive application software are seamlessly integrated into the E-CUBE 15 EX. The unique FleXcanTM architecture of ALPINION, the software-based imaging platform, ensures uniform image quality and performance, and is easy to upgrade to the latest system level.

    Physical Specifications 

    •  Width: 580 mm
    • Depth: 895 mm
    • Height: 1,205-1,750 mm
    •  Weight: 105 kg (system only)
    • 10.4 “high definition LED backlit LCD
    • Resolution: 1,024 X 768
    • 16.2 M color display
    • Light and contrast adjustable (OSD)
    • Main processor: Intel Core i7-4700EQ 3.2 GHz
    • Main memory: 4 GB
    • SSD: 512 GB
    • 21.5″ flat panel monitor and articulated arm
    • Front and back handle
    • 4 active probe connectors
    • 1 pencil probe port
    • 4 rotating wheels
    • Integrated SSD
    • Installed DVD-R drive
    • ECG (optional)
    • Thermal printer storage
    • Installed stereo speaker
    • Installed cable management
    • Anti-dust probe connector door
    • System boot up: in 53 sec
    • 100-120 V, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Power consumption: Max. 900 VA
    • High-density transducer connector
    • Digital beam forming Triple multi-beam
    • FleXcanTM
    • SensitiViewTM
    • Crystal SignatureTM
    • MicroFitTM
    • Optimal Imaging SuiteTM
    • Raw data processing
    • Needle enhancement
    • Multi-layer transducer
    • Windows7 Embedded
    • 21.5 “high-definition LED-backlit LCD
    • Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (16:9 wide)
    • 16.2 M color display
    • Contrast: 1:1,000
    • IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology
    • Bright and contrast adjustment

    Transducer Type

    • Convex
    • Micro-Convex
    • Endo Cavity
    • Linear
    • Phased
    • Volume
    • Electric motorized control panel adjustment- up/down: 170mm


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  • CONTEC ECG 1200G Touch Screen 12-Channel Elecreocardiograph 

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    CONTEC ECG 1200G Touch Screen 12-Channel Elecreocardiograph

    TypePathological Analysis Equipment
    Brand NameCONTEC
    Place of OriginHebei, China
    Model NumberECG1200G
    Instrument classificationClass II
    TradeTrade assurance service provided
    Dimension340mm(L) * 320mm(W) * 85mm(H)
    Power supplyAC/DC
    DC14.8V/3500mAh rechargeable lithium battery
    Paper size210mm(W)*20m(L)
    CertificateCE ISO FDA
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  • MINDRAY 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine DC-30

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    MINDRAY 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine DC-30

    Product name4D ultrasound machine
    Brand Name:Mindray
    Model Number:Mindray DC-30
    Type:Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
    Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
    Display:15/17inch LED Monitor
    Imaging mode:2D, color and Doppler mode
    Touch Screen:10″ High-Resolution Touch Screen
    Module:4D Module
    Image:B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional power doppler flow imaging
    Connector:3 Transducer Connectors
    Transducers:Convex, linear, Volume convex, Endocavity convex array Transducers
    Certificate:CE ISO

    Optionally available probes:

    • Convex sample (2 – 5Mhz)- 50 mm footprint for Abdominal, OB / GYN, Urology, Pediatric
    • Linear sample (5 – 10Mhz) – 38 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Linear sample (5 – 10Mhz)
    • 53 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Linear sample (8 – 12Mhz)
    • 24 mm footprint for MSK, hands
    • Micro-convex sample (5 – 8.5Mhz) — 15 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Bi-Plane Micro – Convex (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • Endocavity Micro – Convex (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • 10 mm footprint for Gyn / OB
    • Endorectal Linear (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • 60 mm footprint for Urology.
    • Micro-convex sample (2 – 5Mhz) – 20 mm footprint for Gyn / OB, MSK, Abdominal, Pediatric, Cardiac, Vascular, Nerve
    • Linear sample shapes (5 – 10Mhz)- 38 mm footprint for interoperative, small organs, orthopedic, nerve, vascular.
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  • Edan SE-1200 Express Basic 12-Channel ECG Machine

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    Edan SE-1200 Express Basic 12-Channel ECG Machine

    Product NameECG Machine
    ModelSE-1200 Express
    Number Of Channels12
    Dimension420x330x120 mm
    Power Supply100-240 V,50/60 Hz
    Battery Type14.8 V Rechargeable Built-In Li-ion Battery
    Paper Width216,210 mm
    Record PaperRoll and Z-Fold
    Display10.1 inch LCD Screen
    Lead SelectionAutomatic
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  • Resvent iBreeze 20A  Auto CPAP / APAP

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    Resvent iBreeze 20A  Auto CPAP

    Product NameResvent Auto CPAP
    Model NameiBreeze 20A
    International ProtectionIP22
    Dimension238 × 178 × 128 mm
    Weight 1.38 Kg
    Display3.5’’ LCD Colour Display
    Auto Altitude AdjustmentYes
    Noise Level≤ 26dB
    Pressure Range4-20 cmH20 (4-25 cmH2O is optional)
    Ramp Time0-60 Min
    Starting Ramp Pressure3-4 cmH2O
    ModeAuto & Manual
    SD card Standard
    Mask Nasal or Full-Face or Pillow mask as standard
    15 mm TubeStandard (Option to have 19mm Tube)
    Power Supply adapter Standard
    Air outlet connector Standard
    Air filter Standard
    Humidifier Pot Standard
    Wifi & Bluetooth ModuleStandard
    User manualStandard
    Certification CE

    Warranty: 2 years

    SKU: n/a

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