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  • Philips Lumify Ultrasound System S4-1 Sector / Cardiac

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    Philips Lumify Ultrasound System S4-1 Sector / Cardiac


    • Weight: 96 g/3.4 oz (without cable)
    •  Dimensions: 10.2 cm x 5.1 cm/4 in x 2 in (L x W)
    •  Automatically adjusted focal zone based on preset focal zone
    •  Continuous dynamic receive focusing
    •  64 elements
    •  1 to 4 MHz extended operating frequency range
    •  90° field of view
    •  High-resolution imaging for lung, echo, abdominal,  Ob/Gyn,  FAST applications
    •  Supports 2D, color Doppler, and Tissue  Harmonic Imaging
    •  The lightweight replaceable USB cable
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  • DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine By Philips Respironics

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    DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine By Philips



    Product Name DreamStation Auto CPAP
    Brand Philips
    Model DreamStation
    Pressure Range 4 to 20 cm H2O
    Electrical Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    Ramp Time 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments)
    Mask Fit Check Yes
    Auto On/Off Yes
    Ramp Pressure 4 cm H2O to CPAP Pressure (CPAP)
    CPAP with Humidifier 11.69 x 7.59 x 3.3 inches
    CPAP without Humidifier
    6.18 x 7.59 x 3.3 inches
    Weight with Humidifier 4.37 pounds (including the power supply)
    Weight without Humidifier 2.94 pounds
    Filters Reusable pollen; Disposable Ultra-fine
    DC Power Yes ( optional DC cable is required ) part #1120746
    Device Set-up LCD, control dial/push button
    Data Storage Capacity SD card > 1 year On-board<6 months
    Bluetooth Yes, Integrated Bluetooth
    Humidifier Heated humidification Fixed, Adaptive, Heated Tube modes; Heated tube(optional)
    Altitude Compensation Automatic
    Humidification (optional) Removable Heated Humidifier
    Special Features Color Screen,Daily progress feedback, Ambient light sensor, Opti-Start
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  • Baby Incubator YXK-5GB

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    Baby Incubator YXK-5GB

    Product Name Baby warmer
    Model NO. Yxk-5GB
    Power Standard 220V/50Hz
    Power Consumption <450va
    Environment Temperature 20-30o C
    Temperature Display Range 25-45o C
    Temperature Control Range 25-37o C
    The Control Range of The Skin Temperatur 25-37o C
    Temperature Fluctuation Range <0.5 O C
    Bed Surface Temperature Error <1.5o C
    Humidity Display Range 0-90%Rh
    Humidity Display Accuracy +-10%Rh
    Trademark MEDECO
    Transport Package Standard Export Packing Box
    Specification CE ISO
    Origin China
    Model YXK-5GB
    Power standard 220V/50Hz
    Power Consumption ≤320VA
    Environment Temperature 20-30º C
    Temperature display range 25-45º C
    Temperature control range 25-37º C
    The control range of the skin temperature 25-37º C
    >37º C High-temperature control range 37.1-39º C
    Temperature fluctuation range <0.5 º C
    Bed surface temperature Error <1.5º C
    Humidity display range
    Humidity display accuracy
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  • E-CUBE 8 LE Ultrasound Machine- Alpinon

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    E-CUBE 8 LE  Ultrasound Machine- Alpinon

    The E-CUBE 8 LE provides superior image quality and can be used in various specific fields in a broad variety of apps. The most reasonable option for you is the extremely cost-effective and more effective E-CUBE 8 LE.

    • Clear images delivered by the high-performance transducers and system
    • They will assist you to perform examinations more quickly and obtain more accurate diagnoses
    • The E-CUBE 8 LE can be used easily and conveniently in different clinical environments
    • You can focus more on taking care of patients
    • Premium-grade diagnostic software tools are provided
    • They broaden the application range of ultrasound examination and ensure accurate diagnoses
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  • Chison Eco3 Expert- Ultrasound Device

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    Chison Eco3 Expert- Ultrasound Device

    Chison- Expert in Eco3 medical ultrasound devices of high quality. Popular brand all over the world.

    Brand Name Chison
    Model Number eco3 expert
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Model name portable ultrasound
    Display 12 Inch Screen
    Display Mode B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M
    Probe Frequency 2.5 MHz – 11.0 MHz (Depend on the probe)
    Application clinic and hospital
    Zoom PIP zoom & pan zoom
    Features portable
    Gray Scale 256 Levels
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 Months
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  • GOS-14X17 Wireless X-Ray FPD Flat Panel Detector DR/Portable SONTU 50 Series

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    SONTU 50 Series FPD Flat panel detector DR/Portable wireless X-Ray GOS-14X17

    SONTU FPD Technical Parameters
    Model 14X17
    Detector type Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector
    Scintillator type GOS
    Pixel Matrix/mm±0.5 350*426
    Resolution  2496*3040
    Pixel Pitch/um 140
    Limiting Resolution  ≥3.4Lp/mm
    A/D Conversion/bit 16
    Sync mode  Fixed integral
    Imaging time/S  ≤2
    Image transmission Gigabit Ethernet
    Weight/kg±0.05 3.25
    Detector size/mm±0.5  462*384*16.3
    Power input of power box/V 100~240VAC
    Power  22W
    protection from electric shock CLASS B
    Ingress Protection IP54
    Working temperature(℃)  5~40
    Working humidity(%RH) 15~90
    Storage temperature(℃)  -20~+50
    Storage humidity(%RH)  10~90
    Irradiation hardness/GY 150

    Product Video Link

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  • Nasan Digital ETT Machine_Dedica

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    Nasan Digital ETT Machine

    Model: Dedica
    Manufacture: Nasan Medical Electronics Pvt Ltd.
    Country of Origin: India

    Technical Specifications

    Frequency response 05 Hz to 150 Hz with notch at 50Hz
    Filter DSP
    Input impedance 10 MΩ
    Time constant > 3.2 sec
    A/D conversion 12 bit
    Noise < 20μV
    Leakage current < 10 μA
    Patient isolation Optical isolation
    Gain 5, 10 & 20 mm/mV selectable.
    CMRR  > 120 dB
    Sweep speed 25.0 mm/S.
    Accuracy of HR +/- 2 BPM.
    Sampling Frequenc 250 samples per second simultaneous


    Power 230V/220, 50Hz, 15A
    Power consumption 1.5KVA
    Incline Range  0-22%
    Dimension L X W – 2055 X 750 mm
    Walking Area 1440 X 500mm
    Weight 100Kg
    Patient Weight Up to 250kg
    Belt Speed Smooth, 0-15Kmph

    One Year Machine Warranty and 12-month free Servicing.


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  • Edan SE-1200 Express Basic 12-Channel ECG Machine

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    Edan SE-1200 Express Basic 12-Channel ECG Machine

    Product Name ECG Machine
    Model SE-1200 Express
    Brand Edan
    Number Of Channels 12
    Dimension 420x330x120 mm
    Power Supply 100-240 V,50/60 Hz
    Battery Type 14.8 V Rechargeable Built-In Li-ion Battery
    Paper Width 216,210 mm
    Record Paper Roll and Z-Fold
    Display 10.1 inch LCD Screen
    Type Digital
    Lead Selection Automatic
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  • E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND Ultrasound machine – Alpinon

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    E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND Ultrasound machine – Alpinon

    E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND’s exceptional quality allows a sophisticated acoustic technology that accurately manages and handles ultrasound signals.

    Crystal Signature™ ALPINION’s specialized single crystal technology, Crystal Signature™, produces higher image resolution, wide bandwidth, and deep penetration.
    MicroFit™ Technology ALPINION’s innovative transducer design facilitates optimized performance and enhances ergonomics.
    SensitiView™ Technology SensitiView™ Technology encompasses the CSA™(Clear Signal Amplifier), low loss cable and matching technology with the system.
    FleXcan™ Architecture ALPINION’s unique software-based ultrasound imaging platform ensures stable imaging performance and easy software upgrade
    Optimal Imaging Suite™ Optimized post-processing technology set creates optimized images by effectively decreasing artifacts and enhancing the edge of organs.- SCI- FCI- FTHI- PITHI- SRI / FullSRI™
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  • Biocare 12 Channel ECG Machine

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    Biocare,12 Channel ECG Machine

    Brand:  Biocare

    Model: BC-ECG-1210


    • Biocare 12Ch Digital Resting ECG w/5.7 “LCD Foldable Screen, ECG-121
    • Foldable monitor (0~80 degree) with 5.7 inches LCD, contrast is adjustable
    • R-R interval analysis, detailed and brief analysis reports meet different requirements
    • Multi-language options
    • Real-time waveform freezing
    • Economy mode available help to reduce printing costs
    • Long-lasting Li-ion battery works for up to 2 hours
    • LAN port for real-time data transmission
    • Easy upgrade keeps you updated
    • Delightful operating experience with long-lasting silicone button, unique shuttle design
    • FDA approved. Optional SD card, unlimited data storage.
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  • BMC RESmart GII Auto CPAP System E-20A with Humidifier

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    BMC RESmart GII Auto CPAP System E-20A with Humidifier

    Product CPAP
    Brand Name BMC
    Model Number E-20A
    Weight 4.5 kg
    Item Type Sleep & Snoring
    Pressure Range 4-20 cmH2O
    Pressure Display Accuracy ±(0.5 hPa+4%)
    Material Compound Material
    Type CPAP Machine
    Work Mode: CPAP Auto Titrate
    Noise <30DB
    Dimensions 170 mm × 196 mm × 118 mm, or 290 mm × 196 mm × 134 mm (with the humidifier)
    Mask Size S M L
    Certificate CE FDA ISO
    Screen Size 3.5 inch
    Pressure step 0.5(cm H2O)
    AC Power Consumption: 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A max
    Dimensions 35 x 23 x 26 cm
    Weight 1.5 kg, or 2.5 kg (with the humidifier)
    Air Hose Length: 6 ft. (1.83 m)
    Temperature 5°C to 35°C (41˚F to 95˚F)
    -25°C to 70°C (-13˚F to 158˚F)
    Humidity 15% to 93% Non-condensing
    up to 93% Non-condensing
    Atmospheric Pressure 760 ~ 1060 hPa
    760 ~ 1060 hPa
    Mode of Operation Continuous
    Work Mode For E-20C system: CPAP
    For E-20A system: CPAP, Auto

    Warranty: 1 Year.

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  • WED-160 Portable Ultrasound

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    WED-160, Portable Ultrasound


    • Powerful measurement and calculation functions 
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) (available with abdominal sample) 
    • Multiple format image storage 
    • Multiple pseudo-colors 
    • Patient file management capable of direct reporting and external printer printing
    • Internal standard PC keyboard 
    • Digital encoder knobs for direct control.
    Technical Specifications
    Scanning mode  convex, linear, micro-convex
    Application abdominal, OB/GYN, urology, cardiology, small parts examination, etc.
    Display mode E5 B, B+B, B+M, B+M/M, M, B6
    Image grayscale 256 levels
    TCG setting 8 levels
    Cine-loop ≥500 frames
     Image storage ≥1000 frames
    Hard disk ≥160Gb
    Image conversion up/down, left/right, black/white
    Image process GAMA, smoothen, THI, pseudo-color, histogram, zoom
    Local zoom  ≥5 times in real-time and freeze
    Measurement general, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiac, urology, abdominal, vessel, etc.
    Ports Video, XGA, 2x USB2.0, DICOM 3.0, RS-232
    Monitor 12,1″ TFT LCD
    Body marks  ≥95

    Standard configuration 

    • Main unit 
    • Power cord 
    • User manual 
    • Windows XP license 
    • The ultrasonic gel of 250ml
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  • 4D Color Doppler Machine_SG_Q40

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    4D Color Doppler Machine_SG_Q40

    4D Color Doppler Machine
    Model: Q40 main Unit
    Manufacturer: SG Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
    Country of Origin:  South Korea

    Powerful Function

    Q40 Offers you a lot of convenient and fast operation and measurement tools which make you daily work efficient and comfortable. SG HealthCare Focuses on your requirement and always brings you more useful solution.

    Leading 3D/4D technology

    • M cut
    • Magic cut
    • Free view
    • Auto NT
    • Smart touch panel 3D/4D operation

    Professional Cardiac Package

    • MAM (Multi-Angle M Mode)
    • TD (Tissue Doppler)
    • TVI (Tissue Velocity Imaging)
    • TVM (Tissue Velocity Mode)
    • CM (Color M Mode)
    • Complete Cardiac Measurement package

    Innovative RF Ultrasound platform
    19 inch Led Screen
    10-inch touch screen
    USB Ports

    Warranty: Two Year Machine Warranty and 12-month free Servicing.


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  • Yonker 3 Channel Electrocardiograph ECG-3

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    Yonker 3 Channel Electrocardiograph ECG-3

    Product Description:

    • 7″ Color display
    • Touch screen for fast response
    • The angle of tilt that data view better
    • High definition thermal printer
    • Recording paper width 80mm
    • Paper tile machine panel for a user signature or marking
    • Size:301*235.5*69mm
    • Small, light and easy to take
    • With DC and AC dual-purpose power supply.
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  • Zoncare 3 Channel ECG Machine IMAC 300

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    Zoncare 3 Channel ECG Machine IMAC 300

    iMAC 300 is a 12 channel resting ECG, which offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It is an ideal option for practice and clinic.


    Sampling rate: 32000Hz (1ms) Frequency Response: 0.01 ~ 350Hz
    Time Constant: ≥ 3.2s A/D shift: 24 bit
    CMRR: ≥ 130dB Input Impedance: ≥ 50MΩ(10 Hz)
    Sensitivity: 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40

    auto mm/mV±2%

    Paper Size: 80mm/20mm thermal roll paper
    Paper Speed:


    5, 6.25,12.5, 25, 50mm/s Recording Mode: Thermal array printer

    8 dot/mm(vertical)

    40 dot/mm(horizontal, 25mm/s)


    Main Advantages

    • 5.6 inch HD screen display,12-channel resting ECG, with squared figure format keyboard for hospital and patient information input
    • Single-Chamber Pacing and Dual-Chamber Pacing
    • ECG report sent by email from machine to PC or Smartphone via WiFi or WLAN directly
    • Multi-axisTP® printing technique for stable printing no matter what negative moving condition
    • Storage Formats: HL7; XML; SCP; PDF; PNG; DICOM; ZQECG
    • Electrode Disconnection Alarm (Diagram)
    • Support WiFi and cable connecting to the third party ECG network system, HIS and EMR system without ECG workstation

    Working Interface

    Standard Configuration

    • iMAC 300 ECG Machine (with Lithium battery)
    • Patient Cable
    • Chest Electrodes
    • Limb Electrodes
    • Thermal Printing Paper
    • Power Cord
    • Grounding Wire
    • User Manual
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  • Acumen7-Polysomnograph with ECG

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    Acumen7-Polysomnograph with ECG

    Brand: Curative
    Model: acumen 7

    • Acumen 7 is an asleep diagnostic device specifically designed for use in the home away from clinical environments.
    • Up to 100 hours of appropriate physiological information can be recorded over up to 8 channels by the Acumen 7.
    • Linked to its dedicated software, it offers instruments for displaying and analyzing recorded information and reporting for diagnosing respiratory sleep illnesses.
    • The design of Acumen 7 ensures that the device is compact, light and comfortable to use.
    • Technical specifications enable the medical team to diagnose the primary respiratory sleep disorders of the patient efficiently.
    • Here is a tool particularly intended for it, which is Acumen 7, if you want a clinical atmosphere away from home.


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  • RMS Electroencephalograph Maximus 24(EEG)

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    Electroencephalograph Maximus 24(EEG)

    Product Name RMS Portable EEG Machine
    Model   Maximus 32 Channel EEG
    Brand Name RMS
    Number of Channels 24
    Type Portable, Video EEG, USB Powered
    Noise 0.5
    Amplifier interface USB
    Application Hospital
    Brand RMS
    Power Supply USB POWERED
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  • Mindray Beneheart R-12 12 Channel ECG Machine

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    Mindray Beneheart R-12 12 Channel ECG Machine

    Product Specification
    Brand Mindray
    Application Hospital, Diagnostic
    Model Benheart R12
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Certification CE ISO FDA
    Lead 12
    Channel 12
    Monitor 8 inch
    SKU: n/a

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