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  • Yonker 3 Channel Electrocardiograph ECG-3

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    Yonker 3 Channel Electrocardiograph ECG-3

    Product Description:

    • 7″ Color display
    • Touch screen for fast response
    • The angle of tilt that data view better
    • High definition thermal printer
    • Recording paper width 80mm
    • Paper tile machine panel for a user signature or marking
    • Size:301*235.5*69mm
    • Small, light and easy to take
    • With DC and AC dual-purpose power supply.
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  • C-ARM Machine Surgix, Medion

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    C-ARM Machine Surgix, Mobile ‘C’ Arm Imaging Systems, Medion

    C-ARM Machine Surgix

    • Ergonomically designed
    • Excellent quality of the image
    • Ease of navigation and operation
    • High-quality X-ray tube & camera
    • Ergonomic
    • State of the art
    • Innovative
    • Attractive
    • State-of-the-art technology as a consequence of our constant pursuit of innovation
    • Ergonomically intended for ease of navigation and operability to optimize productivity
    • Esthetically improved with a pleasant visual appearance
    • Ease of operation with a Hassle-Free & Sophisticated design
    • Feature-Rich C-Arm fitted with a sleek 32-inch high-definition LED display screen
    • High-quality X-Ray tubing.

    Makes for an Ideal C-Arm Solution across the spectrum

    Create a wide range of applications

    • Hospitals of orthopedic and urological care
    • Hospitals of secondary care
    • Multi-specialty hospitals of tertiary care

    Accommodates a broad range of surgeries and procedures

    • Orthopedic
    • Urological
    • Neurosurgery
    • Pain management
    • Pediatric
    • Veterinary

    Distinctive Feature that makes this machine Noteworthy

    • Maintenance Free Design
    • Ease of User Operation Exceptionally Friendly Modes
    • Ergonomically intended to improve Use Ease of Use
    • Jerk less and Noiseless Movements
    • 6 Modes of Operation
    • Semi-Automatic Mode that automatically improves KV with a rise in mA.
    • High-definition mode for superior image quality in specialized applications
    • 32 inches high-definition (HD) LED display
    • HD memory for up to 100 images
    • High-quality X-ray tube and superior-functional camera
    • Bold and sophisticated visual appearance.
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  • QBit 7 Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine- CHISON

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    QBit 7 Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine- CHISON

    The Chison QBit 7 4D Ultra-Mobility Ultrasound System features an innovative harmonic technology that uses different transmission and receiving methods for different body-sized patients, to maximize the resolution without losing the penetration.

    Feature: Two Probe Convex & Cardiac
    Brand CHISON
    Model Q Bit 7
    D3C60L 3.5 MHz Convex probe
    D7L40L 5.0-12.0 MHz Linear probe
    D12L40L 7.0-18.0 MHz Linear probe
    D7L60L 4.0-12.8 MHz Linear probe (60mm)
    D6C12L 6.0 MHz Transvaginal probe
    D7C10L 7.5 MHz Trans-vaginal probe
    D3P64L 3.0 MHz Phased array probe (Adult)
    D6P64L 6.0 MHz Phased array probe (Pediatric)
    D5C20L 5.0 MHz Pediatric Micro-Convex probe
    D6C15L 6.0 MHz Pediatric Micro-convex probe
    package order 4D package(4.5 MHz 4D volume probe V4C40L +4D module + 4D software)
    separate order 4D module (Must order with the main unit if need to be upgraded to 4D in future)
    4D software license
    V4C40L 4.5 MHz 4D volume probe
    Virtual HD
    2D steer
    Super Needle
    Curved Panoramic View
    Extended Cardiac Package: ECG Software, CW, Free Steering M, Color M, TDI
    ECG Lead
    DICOM 3.0
    Inner Battery
    Biopsy kit: for convex/linear/TV/3.0 MHz Micro-Convex probe respectively
    SONY UP898MD B&W Video Printer
    MAX. Warranty
    2 years warranty for the main unit from ex-factory date.
    1-year warranty for 4D probe, D7L60L, D7C10L, D6P64L, D12L40L from ex-factory date.
    2 years warranty for other normal 2D probes from ex-factory date.
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  • Portable Ultrasound Scanner, WED-160

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    WED-160, Portable Ultrasound


    • Powerful measurement and calculation functions 
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) (available with abdominal sample) 
    • Multiple format image storage 
    • Multiple pseudo-colors 
    • Patient file management capable of direct reporting and external printer printing
    • Internal standard PC keyboard 
    • Digital encoder knobs for direct control.
    Technical Specifications
    Scanning mode  convex, linear, micro-convex
    Application abdominal, OB/GYN, urology, cardiology, small parts examination, etc.
    Display mode E5 B, B+B, B+M, B+M/M, M, B6
    Image grayscale 256 levels
    TCG setting 8 levels
    Cine-loop ≥500 frames
     Image storage ≥1000 frames
    Hard disk ≥160Gb
    Image conversion up/down, left/right, black/white
    Image process GAMA, smoothen, THI, pseudo-color, histogram, zoom
    Local zoom  ≥5 times in real time and freeze
    Measurement general, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiac, urology, abdominal, vessel, etc.
    Ports Video, XGA, 2x USB2.0, DICOM 3.0, RS-232
    Monitor 12,1″ TFT LCD
    Body marks  ≥95

    Standard configuration 

    • Main unit 
    • Power cord 
    • User manual 
    • Windows XP license 
    • Ultrasonic gel of 250ml
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  • Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator

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    0 out of 5

    Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator

    Brand PHILIPS
    Model EverFlo
    Warranty 1 Year
    Capacity 5 Litre
    Weight 14 Kg
    Humidifier Available
    Noise Level 45 dbA
    Internal Tubing Storage Available
    Connector Material Metal Cannula
    Molded Handle For Easy Transport
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  • Classic-120 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

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    Classic-120 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

    ECG Heart rate display range 15bpm ~ 350bpm
    Heart rate display accuracy ± 1% or ± 2bpm, whichever is greater
    Sweeping speed 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
    Sensitivity selection 1/2, 5mm/mV ×1, 10mm/mV ×2, 20mm/mV
    CMRR ≥ 89dB
    RESP Measuring range 0rpm~120rpm
    Accuracy ±5% or ±2 rpm
    Alarm limits setting range 0rpm~120rpm
    TEMP Measuring range 25.0℃ ~45.0℃
    Measuring accuracy ±0.2℃
    Responding time ≤150s
    NIBP Measuring method Oscillometric Technique
    Measuring range 0 mmHg~300mmHg
    Accuracy Maximal mean difference ±5 mmHg
    Maximal standard deviation 8 mmHg
    Measurement range Adult SYS 40 ~ 255 mmHg
    MAP 20 ~ 215 mmHg
    DIA 10 ~ 195 mmHg
    Pediatric patient SYS 40 ~ 200 mmHg
    MAP 20 ~ 165 mmHg
    DIA 10 ~ 150 mmHg
    Neonate SYS 40 ~ 135 mmHg
    MAP 20 ~ 110 mmHg
    DIA 10 ~ 95 mmHg
    SpO2 Measuring range 35%~100%
    Low perfusion capability 0.4%~5%
    Accuracy Not greater than 3% for SpO2 range from 70% to 100%
    PR Measuring range 30bpm~240bpm
    Measuring accuracy ±2bpm or ±2%, whichever
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  • Biocare IE-12A 12 Channel ECG Machine

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    Biocare IE-12A 12 Channel ECG Machine

    Model NO IE-12A
    Trademark BIOCARE
    Transport Package Carton
    Classification Physiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
    Origin Jiangsu China
    Type Digital EEG/ECG/EKG/EMG/VCG
    Certification CE, FDA
    Group Adult
    Medical Device Regulatory Type Type 1
    Power Supply AC110-230V 50/60Hz
    SKU: n/a
  • Resvent iBreeze 20A  Auto CPAP / APAP

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    Resvent iBreeze 20A  Auto CPAP

    Product Name Resvent Auto CPAP
    Model Name iBreeze 20A
    Brand Resvent
    Manufacturer Resvent
    International Protection IP22
    Dimension 238 × 178 × 128 mm
    Weight  1.38 Kg
    Display 3.5’’ LCD Colour Display
    Auto Altitude Adjustment Yes
    Noise Level ≤ 26dB
    Pressure Range 4-20 cmH20 (4-25 cmH2O is optional)
    Ramp Time 0-60 Min
    Starting Ramp Pressure 3-4 cmH2O
    Mode Auto & Manual
    SD card  Standard
    Mask  Nasal or Full-Face or Pillow mask as standard
    15 mm Tube Standard (Option to have 19mm Tube)
    Power Supply adapter  Standard
    Air outlet connector  Standard
    Air filter  Standard
    Humidifier Pot  Standard
    Wifi & Bluetooth Module Standard
    User manual Standard
    Certification  CE

    Warranty: 2 years

    SKU: n/a
  • 12 Channel PC ECG Machine | Biocare ECG-2000

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    PC ECG Biocare ECG-2000

    The PC ECG Biocare ECG-2000 is delivered with the appropriate software, enabling a paperless workflow as ECGs can be measured and edited directly on the screen. The ECG is delivered as a complete operational set including cables and electrodes. You can also opt for a Biocare ECG-2000 set complete with a laptop.

    Product Details for the Biocare PC ECG

    • PC ECG Biocare ECG-2000
    • The pc-based, 12-lead resting ECG machine
    • Real-time graphic representation
    • ECGs directly measured and edited on the screen
    • Easy reporting in all common data formats (BMP, JPG, Word, XML, Dicom)
    • Comprehensive storage and printing options
    • Data transfer and power supply via USB

    Technical Details for Biocare ECG-2000

    • High-performance chip with anti-drift technology
    • High-performance data management software
    • Pathological results are shown in color
    • Sampling rate: 1,000 Hz
    • A-D converter 24-bit
    • The frequency response of 0.05 – 250 Hz, purpose-built for pediatric diagnostics
    • Sensitivity: 5 mm/mV, 10 mm/mV, 20 mm/mV
    • Analysis functions: VCG, VLP, HRV, HFECG, FCG, HRT and QT

    System Requirements and Configuration

    • Operating system: Windows 7 or later, Direct X9.0c, Drivers OFFICE 2000 Word or later
    • Computer (recommended configuration): P4 2.0 GHz or higher; HDD: 80 GB or more
    • The computer must meet the IEC 60950-1 guidelines
    • Storage: 512 MB or more
    • High-resolution color display: 1024 x 768 or better
    • Printer: print resolution ≥ 600 dpi, laser printer or high-quality inkjet printers are recommended (do not use dot-matrix printers)
    SKU: n/a
  • Biolite E30 3 Channel ECG with interpretation 80mm printer

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    Biolite E30 3 Channel ECG with interpretation 80mm printer

    Functional requirements: an electric bedside device (AC-powered) designed to continuously detect, measure and display the electrocardiogram (ECG) of a patient by means of leads and sensors attached to the patient, and typically display heart rate. Usually, the system is fitted with audible and/or visual warnings activated when the parameters of the patient fall below or exceed pre-set limits. Continuous display of patient ECG and heart rate on screen, Allows display of single, 5 lead ECG or simultaneous display of at least 5 waves selected from up to 12 points. The operator can set audiovisual alarm levels for low or high heart rate. Operates from mains voltage or from the internal rechargeable battery.

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  • Nasan Digital ETT Machine_Dedica

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    Nasan Digital ETT Machine

    Model: Dedica
    Manufacture: Nasan Medical Electronics Pvt Ltd.
    Country of Origin: India

    Technical Specifications

    Frequency response 05 Hz to 150 Hz with notch at 50Hz
    Filter DSP
    Input impedance 10 MΩ
    Time constant > 3.2 sec
    A/D conversion 12 bit
    Noise < 20μV
    Leakage current < 10 μA
    Patient isolation Optical isolation
    Gain 5, 10 & 20 mm/mV selectable.
    CMRR  > 120 dB
    Sweep speed 25.0 mm/S.
    Accuracy of HR +/- 2 BPM.
    Sampling Frequenc 250 samples per second simultaneous


    Power 230V/220, 50Hz, 15A
    Power consumption 1.5KVA
    Incline Range  0-22%
    Dimension L X W – 2055 X 750 mm
    Walking Area 1440 X 500mm
    Weight 100Kg
    Patient Weight Up to 250kg
    Belt Speed Smooth, 0-15Kmph

    One Year Machine Warranty and 12-month free Servicing.


    SKU: n/a
  • 6 Channel E600G electrocardiograph New!

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    6 Channel E600G electrocardiograph New!

    Product Description:

    • Dimensions of the camera (L x W x H): 295 x 225 x65 [ mm ]
    • Simple, intuitive input and editing of patient, physician and hospital data
    • 1600 Hz sampling • Direct operation of external A4 printers
    • Constant measurement and display of HR
    • Standard leads / Cabrera
    • Semi-automatic analysis and interpretation
    • Automatic analysis and interpretation
    • Modes of activity: manual, automatic, rhythm-like.
    • Print frequency adjustment-4 levels: low, moderate, ordinary and peak
    • Dual power supply system: power supply line and battery: built-in impedance power supply 90 -240V
    • VGA 800 x 480 (7 inches) color touch screen monitor for simple ECG graphs from selected leads
    • Visual and audio signaling of unconnected electrodes
    • Printing in 1, 3, 6 and 12 ECG waveforms
    • Filters: 50Hz/60Hz network; Adaptive filter
    •  Print speed: 5; 10; 12.5; 25; 50 mm / s
    • Sensitivity: 2.5; 5; 10; 20 mm / mV and AUTO
    • Camera archive capacity: 1000 tests
    •  Camera weight:1.5-1.8 kg (depending on the camera version)

    Available Equipment:

    • E61 trolley
    • ECG cable extension arm Options:
    • Additional 2 USB ports, Pendrive support (SCP, HL7, PDF or PNG graphic format)
    • Wireless (Wi-Fi) LAN or Internet communication
    • Wired LAN or Internet communication
    •  Possibility to transfer ECG directly from the machine to your email inbox
    Standard Equipment:
    • ECG cable extension arm Options:
    • Additional 2 USB ports, Pendrive support (SCP, HL7, PDF or PNG graphic format)
    • Wireless (Wi-Fi) LAN or Internet communication
    • Wired LAN or Internet communication
    • Possibility to deliver ECG directly to your email inbox.
    SKU: n/a
  • ECG Machine 12 Channel iMAC-120 (Zoncare)

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    Zoncare 12 Channel ECG Machine

    Model: iMAC-120, Zoncare

    Type Pathological Analysis Equipment
    Brand Name Zoncare
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Model Number iMAC120
    Instrument classification Class II
    Product name iMAC120 portable price of ECG machine 12 channel
    Display 10 inch HD LED Touch display
    Channel 12-ch resting ECG
    Printing mode Manual, Auto 3*4, 3*4+R, 3*4+3R, 6*2,6*2+1R,12*1
    Measurement Auto measurement and analysis, ECG reply
    Printing Print A4 report by USB connecting with a Laser printer
    Storage 1000 data built-in storage, support SD card or USB extended
    Other function Qwerty keyboard and short cut function key input
    Size 395mmx240mmx420mm

    12 months

    SKU: n/a
  • CONTEC ECG 300G Portable 3 Channel 12 Lead EKG Portable ECG Machine

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    CONTEC ECG 300G Portable 12 Lead EKG Portable ECG Machine

    Brand Name CONTEC
    Model Number ECG300G
    Place of Origin Hebei, China
    Instrument classification Class II
    Type Examination Therapy Equipment
    Certificate CE ISO FDA SFDA ROHS
    Product name 12 Lead ECG 3 channel
    Weigh 1.6Kg
    Dimension 315mm(L) *215mm(W) * 77mm(H)
    Display 3.5″ TFT Color LCD display
    Optional The software which can transfer data to PC
    Multi-language interface and report
    SKU: n/a
  • E-CUBE 12 Ultrasound Machine – Alpinon

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    E-CUBE 12 Ultrasound Machine – Alpinon

    The E-CUBE 12 provides medical practitioners more time to concentrate on their positions and provide patients with a healthcare experience that is more comfortable and positive.

    • High-performance system and transducers provide you with higher quality images
    • High-resolution images help you perform examinations more quickly and obtain more accurate diagnoses
    • A user and patient-oriented design and workflow
    • Can be used easily and conveniently in different clinical environments with various time and space limitations
    • Comfortable and pleasant healthcare experience for patients.
    • Compact and light transducer connectors
    • The system is slim yet it does not take up much space
    • Scan patients more comfortably, and disconnect or reconnect the transducers easily
    SKU: n/a
  • RMS Electroencephalograph Maximus 32(EEG)

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    Electroencephalograph Maximus 32(EEG)

    Product Name RMS Portable EEG Machine
    Model   Maximus 32 Channel EEG
    Brand Name RMS
    Number of Channels 32
    Type Portable, Video EEG, USB Powered
    Noise 0.5
    Amplifier interface USB
    Application Hospital
    Brand RMS
    Power Supply USB POWERED

    In The Box

    • Modular
    • Cable


    SKU: n/a
  • Fukuda Cardimax FX-8222 ECG Machine

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    Fukuda Cardimax FX-8222 ECG Machine


    • Makes a wide range of applications
    • Wide 6.4 inch Color TFT monitor
    • Touch screen activity
    • 3/6/12 Lead ECG display
    • 3/6/12 channels recording on 145 mm paper
    • Varieties of recording formats
    • Internal memory for ECG storage
    • Network connection to Ethernet LAN port
    • Wireless LAN compatible
    • Roll and Z-fold paper compatible
    • Update to Interpretation System (Optional)
    • Complete keyboard.


    • Dimensions: 307 (width) x 220 (deep) x 65 (height) mm
    • Weight: 3 kg (battery-free)
    SKU: n/a
  • Biocare Ie-6, 6-Lead ECG Machine

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    Biocare Ie-6, 6-Lead ECG Machine

    Model NO IE-6
    Trademark Biocare
    Origin Shenzhen China
    Classification Physiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
    Type Digital EEG/ECG/EKG/EMG/ VCG
    Certification CE
    Group Middle-aged and Old
    Medical Device Regulatory Type Type 1
    Transport Package Carton
    SKU: n/a

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