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    This Fukuda Denshi ECG weighs only 1.2 kg and is smaller than an A4 sheet norm. Nevertheless, it offers a wide range of applications and high performance.

    ECG :

    • 12 Standard leads
    • Frequency response: 0.05Hz to 150 Hz (within -3 dB)
    • Filters: AC:50 or 60 Hz
    • Muscle: 25 or 35 Hz
    • Drift: 0.25 or 0.5 HZ 6y660z
    • Interpretation: Brugada Criteria
    • Definition of Arrhythmia,
    • Explanation of Criteria for Evaluation

    Memory: 128 measurements
    Display : Large LCD screen (320 x 240 dots)
    ECG display 3/6/12-channels

    Interpretation / Arrhythima function
    Paper speed : 5, 10, 12.5, 25 or 50 mm/sec
    1/3 channels on 50/63 mm paper
    recording paper:  63 x 30 m

    Interface :
    Communication Port:  LAN port (10Base-T)
    Battery autonomy: 3 hours
    Size and Weight :
    Dimension (L x W x H):  225 mm x 180 mm x 50 mm
    Weight: 1.2 kg


    1 transport case
    1 Mains adapter
    1 patient cable
    1 set of  6 chest electrodes and 4 clips


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  • 4D Color Doppler Machine_SG_Q30

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    4D Color Doppler Machine_SG_Q30

    4D Color Doppler Machine
    Model: Q30 main Unit
    Manufacturer: SG Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
    Country of Origin:  South Korea


    • Innovation platform
    • State of the art tech
    • Super image quality


    • Two prove slots
    • High-quality speaker system
    • Ergonomic design
    • Tiling 18.5” monitor
    • 10-inch touch screen
    • Built-in DVDRW
    • Triplex 2D/Color/PW
    • SGC(scanning gain compensation)
    • 500G Hard Disk
    • B/W video printer slot
    • 2 easy-access transducer ports
    • USB Ports
    • 48 physical channels

    Warranty: Two Year Machine Warranty and 12 month free Servicing

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  • SIUI CTS-5000 Ultrasound Real Time Digital Color Doppler

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    SIUI CTS-5000 Ultrasound

    CTS-5000 is a digital B/W ultrasound trolley system which can be upgraded to color Doppler.


    Multi-beam forming technology: This technology can multiply obtain and process image scanning lines from each component, which significantly improves the image frame rate in B mode Color mode and PW mode.

    Adaptive Speckle Reduction Technology: The technology helps decrease noise and artifacts purify tissue shading and enhance contrast resolution and recognize early tissue/structure lesions.

    Compound Imaging: The technology helps relieve echo artifacts by scanning the target with multi-direction beamforming and improving spatial resolution.


    Auto IMT measurement: The scheme automatically helps to assess the carotid artery wall’s intima-media thickness to assess cardiovascular disease such as diabetes with hypertension.

    4D Lite: Volumetric imaging technology includes 4D fetus obstetric imagery and gynecological transvaginal volumetric imagery showing more precise and specific pictures for distinct clinical requirements.

    Panoscope: The system enables physicians to scan large-scale tissues with transducer scanning motion in wider perspective.

    Additional Specifications:

    • Applications: abdominal, pulmonary, OB / GYN, tiny components, vascular
    • configuration: normal system, grayscale(256)
    • Transducers: linear and convex sample
    • Frequency: 2.5MHz~11.0MHz, wideband,
    • Tri-frequency Imaging options Realzoom, max. Zoom* 4.0, selectable
    • Power consumption multiplying energy and location: 0.45 KVA


    Cart Based 1
    Clinical Applications Colorectal
    Height 51.18 in
    Image Display 15 in
    Imaging Capabilities 3D/4D
    Imaging Mode B, 2B, 4B, M, B/M
    Length 20.47 in
    Weight 198.42 lbs Main Unit
    Width 30.32 in

    Note: One Convex probe with the machine, 1200 VA ups, Epson L 130 printer

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  • Sturdy Autoclave SA 300VL

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    Sturdy Autoclave SA 300VL


    Product Name Autoclave
    Brand Sturdy
    Model SA 300VL
    Chamber Size 300*710
    SterilizingTemparature 105 to 136°C
    Volume 50L
    Overall Dimensions 600(W)*1090(H)*450(D)
    Gross Weight 94kg
    Power 2300W/10A
    voltage 230v,50Hz
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  • Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medigate Me CA 812i

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    Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medigate Me CA 812i

    Model: Me CA 812i
    Brand: Medigate
    Origin: Korea

    Medigate 12 Ch Eletro cardiograph, 12 leads Resting Template MeCA812i ECG Analysis Device. With default Medigate Corp. Korea accessories.


    • Built-in high-resolution 8-inch thermal printer
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Software management device [ PC Interface: RS232, LAN(reserve) ]
    • Complete alphanumeric keyboard capability [ Option: PS2 keyboard ]
    • ECG space [ Typical: 50ECGs, Option(1 GB SD card): 5000 ECGs ]
    • Firmware upgrade via USB memory stick
    • 320 * 204(dots) Graphical LCD screen.
    • High Quality, Easy-to-use, and Convenience
    • Purchase, review, processing, and printing one-button process.
    • The ECG signal’s LCD preview shows a misleading lead and signals distortion.
    • Complete alphanumeric keyboard for convenient operation.
    • Continuous recording of 3,6,12 channels in real-time.
    • Me CA 812i will store up to 5000 ECGs with the SD-Card.
    • Printing, printing, and distribution of ECGs .

    ECG Management System

    • Using the RS232, LAN or SD card, ECG can be transmitted from the ECG cardiograph to the PC (Mecalyzer).
    • The capability of server/client network service
    • Image (Jph or BMP) capability to capture printing.


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  • Zoncare 12-channel ECG Machine

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    Digital 12-channel ECG Machine

    Product Details
    Model Number: ZQ-1212-19
    Brand Name: Zoncare
    Origin: China (mainland)

    Key Specifications/Special Features:

    Function feature:

    • Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, 12 leads waveform display and print by segment
    • The 9-inch color high-resolution LCD screen, color graphics menu, convenient and intuitive man-machine dialogue
    • Touchscreen control
    • Easy-to-operate
    • Manual/auto 3CH + 3R 6CH, 6CH + 1R, 12CH and 60-second arrhythmia waveform analysis 5 minutes arrhythmia analysis
    • 1,000 ECG data storage
    • SD card: supported
    • The alarm of electrodes breaking off, body diagram indicate an unconnected lead area
    • V1, V3, V5 chest lead examination mode, easy operation
    • It can record one case ECG data in 9 seconds
    • It is very useful for the large-scale examination

    Standard configurations:

    • Main machine: 1 unit
    • Patient cable: 1 unit
    • Limb electrode (adult): 1 set (4pcs)
    • Chest electrode (adult): 1 set (6pcs)
    • Power cable: 1 unit
    • 216mm recording paper
    • Optional: SD card, ECG-20NT digital ECG work station,child-specific electrode
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  • Mindray DP-25 Power Digital Ultrasonic Imaging System

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    Mindray DP-25 Power Digital Ultrasonic Imaging System


    Ergonomic Mobile Design with Full Screen 

    • 12.1-inch LED with full-screen configuration
    • 30-degree tilting angle-adjustable display
    • 1 universal transducer connector
    • Friendly backlight control panel with backlit
    • Light and compact design for extreme portability

    Operating with Streamlined Workflow

    • iScanHelper provides an ultrasound guide for your training
    • iStorage for instant photos and PC monitoring
    • User ned keys for programmable custom operations
    • 1.5h uninterrupted battery scanning
    • 500 GB hard disk for broad patient data storage.

    Advanced Imaging Technologies

    • PW Doppler and Auto Trace show blood flow information for a more detailed diagnosis
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging for improved contrast resolution
    • iClear for Speckle Reduction Imaging, offering clear and sharp lesion contours
    • iTouch for quick image processing
    • iZoom for instant full-screen picture magnification.
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  • MINDRAY 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine DC-30

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    MINDRAY 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine DC-30

    Product name 4D ultrasound machine
    Brand Name: Mindray
    Model Number: Mindray DC-30
    Type: Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
    Display: 15/17inch LED Monitor
    Imaging mode: 2D, color and Doppler mode
    Touch Screen: 10″ High-Resolution Touch Screen
    Module: 4D Module
    Image: B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional power doppler flow imaging
    Connector: 3 Transducer Connectors
    Transducers: Convex, linear, Volume convex, Endocavity convex array Transducers
    Certificate: CE ISO

    Optionally available probes:

    • Convex sample (2 – 5Mhz)- 50 mm footprint for Abdominal, OB / GYN, Urology, Pediatric
    • Linear sample (5 – 10Mhz) – 38 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Linear sample (5 – 10Mhz)
    • 53 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Linear sample (8 – 12Mhz)
    • 24 mm footprint for MSK, hands
    • Micro-convex sample (5 – 8.5Mhz) — 15 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Bi-Plane Micro – Convex (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • Endocavity Micro – Convex (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • 10 mm footprint for Gyn / OB
    • Endorectal Linear (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • 60 mm footprint for Urology.
    • Micro-convex sample (2 – 5Mhz) – 20 mm footprint for Gyn / OB, MSK, Abdominal, Pediatric, Cardiac, Vascular, Nerve
    • Linear sample shapes (5 – 10Mhz)- 38 mm footprint for interoperative, small organs, orthopedic, nerve, vascular.
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  • Chison Eco3 Expert- Ultrasound Device

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    Chison Eco3 Expert- Ultrasound Device

    Chison- Expert in Eco3 medical ultrasound devices of high quality. Popular brand all over the world.

    Brand Name Chison
    Model Number eco3 expert
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Model name portable ultrasound
    Display 12 Inch Screen
    Display Mode B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M
    Probe Frequency 2.5 MHz – 11.0 MHz (Depend on the probe)
    Application clinic and hospital
    Zoom PIP zoom & pan zoom
    Features portable
    Gray Scale 256 Levels
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 Months
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  • E-CUBE 5 Ultrasound Machine – Alpinon

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    E-CUBE 5 Ultrasound Machine – Alpinon

    The E-CUBE 5 combines stronger output with more compact and smarter alternatives.
    ALPINION’s core imaging technology set creates optimized images by effectively decreasing artifacts and enhancing the edge of organs.

    • Excellent Image Quality
    • Simplified Platform
    • Compactness
    • Extremely Noiseless
    • Comfort Diagnostic Environment
    • The New Structure Provides Increased Stability of the System, Also Makes the Body Slim and Light
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  • 4D Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-30

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    4D Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-30

    Standard presently accessible ultrasound systems typically allow a basic diagnosis but lack advanced functionality.

    Brand Name Mindray
    Type Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
    Model Number DC30
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Instrument classification Class II
    Product name Mindray dc 30
    Application human, vet
    Imaging modes B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging
    PSH Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
    iClear Speckle Suppression Imaging
    Pulse Wave Doppler includes High Pulsed Repetition Frequency
    iTouch Auto Image Optimization
    item DC-30 Main Unit with 15-inch LED Monitor
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  • Yuwell CPAP 560

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    Yuwell CPAP YH-560

    Model Number YH-560
    Material Medical PC
    Brand Name yuwell
    Certification CE,FDA,SG certification
    Pressure 4-20cm H2O
    Working mode AUTO CPAP + CPAP
    Package Size 40.0 * 20.0 * 10.0 ( cm )
    Gross Weight/Package 5.0 ( kg )
    Short Description: Human-computer interaction Information clearly Treatment ends automatically power off Small and portable Quiet and comfortable Fps – Tech technology Automatic

    Warranty 3 Years

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  • Biocare Ie-6, 6-Lead ECG Machine

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    Biocare Ie-6, 6-Lead ECG Machine

    Model NO IE-6
    Trademark Biocare
    Origin Shenzhen China
    Classification Physiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
    Type Digital EEG/ECG/EKG/EMG/ VCG
    Certification CE
    Group Middle-aged and Old
    Medical Device Regulatory Type Type 1
    Transport Package Carton
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  • DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine By Philips Respironics

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    DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine By Philips



    Product Name DreamStation Auto CPAP
    Brand Philips
    Model DreamStation
    Pressure Range 4 to 20 cm H2O
    Electrical Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    Ramp Time 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments)
    Mask Fit Check Yes
    Auto On/Off Yes
    Ramp Pressure 4 cm H2O to CPAP Pressure (CPAP)
    CPAP with Humidifier 11.69 x 7.59 x 3.3 inches
    CPAP without Humidifier
    6.18 x 7.59 x 3.3 inches
    Weight with Humidifier 4.37 pounds (including the power supply)
    Weight without Humidifier 2.94 pounds
    Filters Reusable pollen; Disposable Ultra-fine
    DC Power Yes ( optional DC cable is required ) part #1120746
    Device Set-up LCD, control dial/push button
    Data Storage Capacity SD card > 1 year On-board<6 months
    Bluetooth Yes, Integrated Bluetooth
    Humidifier Heated humidification Fixed, Adaptive, Heated Tube modes; Heated tube(optional)
    Altitude Compensation Automatic
    Humidification (optional) Removable Heated Humidifier
    Special Features Color Screen,Daily progress feedback, Ambient light sensor, Opti-Start
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  • WED-160 Portable Ultrasound

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    WED-160, Portable Ultrasound


    • Powerful measurement and calculation functions 
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) (available with abdominal sample) 
    • Multiple format image storage 
    • Multiple pseudo-colors 
    • Patient file management capable of direct reporting and external printer printing
    • Internal standard PC keyboard 
    • Digital encoder knobs for direct control.
    Technical Specifications
    Scanning mode  convex, linear, micro-convex
    Application abdominal, OB/GYN, urology, cardiology, small parts examination, etc.
    Display mode E5 B, B+B, B+M, B+M/M, M, B6
    Image grayscale 256 levels
    TCG setting 8 levels
    Cine-loop ≥500 frames
     Image storage ≥1000 frames
    Hard disk ≥160Gb
    Image conversion up/down, left/right, black/white
    Image process GAMA, smoothen, THI, pseudo-color, histogram, zoom
    Local zoom  ≥5 times in real-time and freeze
    Measurement general, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiac, urology, abdominal, vessel, etc.
    Ports Video, XGA, 2x USB2.0, DICOM 3.0, RS-232
    Monitor 12,1″ TFT LCD
    Body marks  ≥95

    Standard configuration 

    • Main unit 
    • Power cord 
    • User manual 
    • Windows XP license 
    • The ultrasonic gel of 250ml
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  • CPAP A25–Micomme

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    CPAP A25–Micomme

    CPAP A25 – Micomme has healthy heating and humidification system, releasing a larger amount of humidification.

    • Snoring
    • Mouth breathing
    • Insomnia
    • Suffocated awake at night
    • Daytime lethargy
    • Memory decline
    • Endocrine disorders
    • Hight blood pressure
    • Low blood oxygen
    • Spray CPAP A25
    • 360° anti-counter current water chamber/Humidifier upper cover
    • Water chamber cover
    • Power adapter
    • Tubing
    • User manual
    • Filters
    • Micro SD card(4G)
    • Surface
    • M+HealthCare Platform
    • Analysis Software
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  • Flexible Hose Pipe Connect with CPAP & Breathing CPAP Mask Apparatus

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    Flexible Hose Pipe Connect with CPAP & Breathing CPAP Mask Apparatus


    • Made From Medical Grade Material
    • Circuit For CPAP Machine
    • Variety Of Standards, Custom Configurations Value Pack Solutions
    • Smooth Bore Tube
    • Connector Inside Diameter 22mm
    • Length 1.8M
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  • Cardioline 200+ 12-Channel ECG

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    Cardioline 200+ 12-Channel ECG

    The Cardioline ECG200 + is the recent developed 12-lead ECG channel for displaying, acquiring, printing (on A4 z-fold paper) and storing ECG examinations.

    Technical Specifications

    • ECG leads — 12-leads (I, II, III, aVR-L-F, V1-6)
    • CMRR — > 100 dB
    • DC input impedance — No lead-off 100 M
    • A / D converter — 24 bit, 32 kHz
    • Sampling frequency — 500 Hz
    • A / D conversion — 20 bit
    • Resolution — < 1uV / LSB
    • Bandwidth – 0.05 – 150 Hz
    • Pacemaker detection – hardware detection combined with digital filtering convolution
    • Filters – Fully digital high-pass filter diagnostics ; adaptive digital AC interference filter (50/60 Hz) ; digital low-pass muscle filter 25 and 40 Hz (only for screen and printing)
    • Protected defibrillator – AAMI / IEC standards
    • Front-end performance – ANSI / AAMI IEC 60601-2
    • ECG storage — internal memory 100 ECGs, expansion for 1000 additional ECGs (optional)
    • Display — 7 “backlit LCD color display, display of the ECG wave in real time
    • Thermal printer — 8 dot / mm ; 216 mm ; A4 Z-fold
    • Manual printing — 3, 6 or 12 channels — 5/10/25/50 mm / s
    • Automatic printing — Standard or Cabrera ; 3, 3 + 1, 3 + 3, 6 or 12 channels, Patient Demographic, Global measurements, Optional Int.
    • Weight 2.6 kg with battery
    • Domination 396x290x80
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