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A belt is a flexible band or strap that is usually made of leather or heavy fabric and worn around the waist or above the hips. The Back Brace Posture Corrector is a common alternative for people with back pain and bad posture.

A large compression belt that encircles your abdomen is an abdominal binder. In several sizes and widths, abdominal binders come. Many are made of elastic and have closures made of Velcro or hook and loop. To speed up the healing process after abdominal surgery, an abdominal binder may be used.

For rehabilitative purposes, for example, after an ACL injury, knee braces may also be used. The slow, restricted motion will be given by the brace.

The part of a chair, sofa, bench or other such furniture used to rest one’s back can refer to the backrest or backrest.

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