• Woodpecker Dental Implant Motor System

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    Woodpecker Dental Implant Motor System

    Product Description:

    1-Reduction geared counter angle with internal and external irrigation

    • Standard geared counter angle push button reduction
    • Automatic handpiece reduction
    • Repeatable autoclave

    2-Original brushless working motor in Switzerland

    • Speed from 0 rpm to 40000 rpm. Strong torque and wide range of speeds for treatment of all kinds.
    • Peak torque is 55N.cm. Efficient bone cutting can be efficient torque production.
    • Value unprecedented, no overheating, calm

    3-Foot power pedal

    • Multi-functional foot brake, both tasks could be accomplished.
    • Flexible and easy to use.

    4-Intelligent cooling system

    • Hand and foot control
    • Cooling and washing inside and outside channels
    • Silent and efficient water pump.

    5-High quality control system

    • Large LED display, simple control
    • 10 types of counter-angle reduction to choose from
    • 10 setting software, preset air motor speed, cool down fluid and torque, reverse and different speed.
    • Achieve stable speed control
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