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  • C-ARM Machine Surgix, Mobile ‘C’ Arm Imaging Systems, Medion

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    C-ARM Machine Surgix,

    C-ARM Machine Surgix

    • Ergonomically designed
    • Excellent quality of the image
    • Ease of navigation and operation
    • High-quality X-ray tube & camera
    • Ergonomic
    • State of the art
    • Innovative
    • Attractive
    • State-of-the-art technology as a consequence of our constant pursuit of innovation
    • Ergonomically intended for ease of navigation and operability to optimize productivity
    • Esthetically improved with a pleasant visual appearance
    • Ease of operation with a Hassle-Free & Sophisticated design
    • Feature-Rich C-Arm fitted with a sleek 32-inch high-definition LED display screen
    • High-quality X-Ray tubing.

    Makes for an Ideal C-Arm Solution across the spectrum

    Create a wide range of applications

    • Hospitals of orthopedic and urological care
    • Hospitals of secondary care
    • Multi-specialty hospitals of tertiary care

    Accommodates a broad range of surgeries and procedures

    • Orthopedic
    • Urological
    • Neurosurgery
    • Pain management
    • Pediatric
    • Veterinary

    Distinctive Feature that makes this machine Noteworthy

    • Maintenance Free Design
    • Ease of User Operation Exceptionally Friendly Modes
    • Ergonomically intended to improve Use Ease of Use
    • Jerk less and Noiseless Movements
    • 6 Modes of Operation
    • Semi-Automatic Mode that automatically improves KV with a rise in mA.
    • High-definition mode for superior image quality in specialized applications
    • 32 inches high-definition (HD) LED display
    • HD memory for up to 100 images
    • High-quality X-ray tube and superior-functional camera
    • Bold and sophisticated visual appearance.
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  • Mobile C-ARM X-Ray Machine, Radiography, and Orthopedic Corus 9 RMS

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    Mobile C-ARM X-Ray Machine, Radiography, and Orthopedic Corus 9 RMS

    Brand RMS
    Product C-ARM
    Model Corus 9
    Display Digital
    Operation Mode Automatic
    Type Portable, Fixed, Digital
    mA 50
    Is It Portable Portable
    Application Orthopedic
    Condition new


    • Industry-proven design
    • Unmatched quality
    • Fine-tuned
    • Model Corus 6 & Corus 9*
    • 40kHz, High-Frequency X-Ray Generator
    • 5 KW X-Ray Generator
    • Digital console with 5.7 “LCD Display
    • 6″ Image Intensifier / 9 “Triple Field Image Intensifier*
    • 1⁄2″ B / W CCD Camera
    • 100 Image Memory frames
    • 2 Nos. 15/17 “Size Monitors
    • Actuator Controlled” C “UP / DOWN motion
    • Cable Deflector wheels
    • Image Memory, Monitors, and Servo Stabilizer Home Trolley
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