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  • Injector- APOLLO RT APO100 Single Head (Japan)

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    Injector- APOLLO RT APO100 Single Head (Japan)

    Product Specification
    Brand Apollo RT
    Place of Origin Japan
    Model APO100
    Flow Rate .1-10 ml/s (.1ml/s increment)
    Volume 1-2000 ml (1 ml increment)
    Scan Delay 0-300 second
    Phase Delay 0-300 second
    Heating Built in temperature control heating (38 degree +-3 degree)
    Power Supply 100-220 V AC 50-6- Hz
    Power Consumption 100 VA
    Consumables 100/200 ml Syringe

    APO 100 (Injector- Single head)- Its design is the perfect balance between features and user-friendliness, making APO 100 the best highly cost-effective choice for injector contrast media.

    • Accurate pressure sensor
    • Confirmation of safety key- Injection will only start after proper checking and after key is pressed. This will prevent undesired injection, in case start switch is activated.
    • Maximum memory-saving protocols
    • Waterproof Keys
    • Slow speed Keys- Slowly move backward & forward injector plunger. Used for air purging or confirming needle placement.
    • Heat Maintainer Built in- Keeps Contrast Media at convenient temperature.
    • Easy Operation.
    • Auto fill feature.
    • User Friendly Remote Console.
    • Easy to insert and removal of syringe.
    • Variable flow rate injection is available.
    • Monitoring of real time flow rate, pressure graph and injected volume.
    • Multi Injection mode for various needs.
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  • NDS 19″/21″/24″/32″ Medical Grade Monitor/Display USA

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    NDS 19″ Medical Grade Display USA

    Product Specification
    Brand NDS
    Place of Origin USA
    Model Endovue 19
    Screen Size 19″ Diagonal
    Resolution 1280×1024
    Luminance 250 cd/m2
    Weight 11.5 Kg
    Number of colors 16.7 million
    Response 18 ms
    Latency 20 ms
    Video Inputs DVI-D, RGBS/VGA/YPBPR, S Video, Composite
    Video Output DVI-D
    Weight 4.9 Kg
    Gross Weight 7.7 Kg
    Dimension 445x374x17 mm
    Power Supply 100-220 V AC 50-6- Hz

    Medical Image Visualization

    The EndoVue ® series delivers high-end endoscopy display image performance at a price value. Designed and built for medical use, it is listed as FDA, TUV certified, and CE marked, providing patient safety, clinical performance, and durability in comparison to non-medical grade displays. The EndoVue display accommodates standard analog and digital high-definition Various medical imaging signals, including ultrasound, PACS, and patient monitoring of vital signs. Features include fanless cooling design to minimize the risk of airborne contaminants spreading within the sterile field, and industry-leading LED backlight technology to reduce power consumption.

    • Optimized for endoscopic applications
    • Excellent image quality
    • Multi-modal imaging capabilities
    • Low power consumption and fanless cooling
    • Robust and reliable
    • Minimum ownership costs
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