With its user-friendly product line in the Project Business sector, MEDION, as one of the few companies with a broad portfolio of classic consumer electronics as well as information technology products, remains in a position to adapt to the demands of a new and networked CE industry. MEDION markets a complementary line of services, especially in the areas of telecommunications, photo services, downloads, and other internet services, in addition to its conventional business of special promotional promotions of consumer electronics goods in Europe. MEDION has a large presence in Germany and the Eurozone, as well as Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, and operates well-organized and competent sales and service units in these countries with the help of its retail and partnership partners. One of the honors MEDION won in 2009 was for "2009 Hardware Maker of the Year" from the COMPUTERBILD Group's readers and media consumers. MEDION has been expanding its current cell phone sector by offering competitive voice and data flat rates since June 2009. (flat rate Internet with MEDION mobile WEB STICK).

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