The Kobayasi Institute of Physical Science, a foundation devoted to the study of physics and acoustics, established Rion in 1944 under the name Kobayasi-riken Co.,Ltd. to commercialize goods based on the findings of research activities by the Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research. As the first manufacturer of such components in Japan, Rion began producing crystal elements for acoustic instruments and their applications.
Following that, Kobayasi-riken began manufacturing and selling the first hearing aids in Japan, with the aim of relieving depression and improving speech comprehension for hearing-impaired persons. Rion listening aids have been known by the brand name "Rionet" for a long time.

It also disseminates such a network around the globe.

In 1960, Kobayasi-riken was renamed Rion, which is derived from Ri of Rigaku, which means astronomy, and On of Onkyogaku, which means acoustics.


Rion manufactures a wide range of devices in addition to hearing aids for a variety of industries. In the world of otolaryngology, medical devices such as audiometers are used. Government bodies and companies both want sound and vibration measurement devices to protect the environment and improve production efficiency. Particle counters are important for semiconductor, chemical, and precision equipment cleanliness control.

Our brands are well-received by consumers both domestically and internationally.

Rion has attempted to maintain existing developments while still challenging for new ones, as previously said. Rion is proud of its contribution to social justice, a stable and healthy existence, and scientific creativity, and will work hard to fulfill its goal.


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