• Laparoscopy set Olympus OTV-S4

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    Laparoscopy Set

    Model: OTV-S4
    Camera head and Controller

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  • Olympus CLV-S40(Xenon 300W Light Source)

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    Olympus CLV-S40(Xenon 300W Light Source)

    Olympus CLV-S30/S40Features

    • Great for endoscopic TV watching. Connectable to modern video scopes, fiberscopes, and VISERA. The strong and comfortable CLV-S40 makes endoscopic procedures simpler than ever before.
    • Strong & Long-Life 300-Watt Xenon Lamp — This high-quality xenon lamp offers a perfect endoscopic illumination for deep site observation or advanced techniques. It can also be used continuously for 500 hours (lamp life can differ slightly in sporadic use).
    • Automatic Brightness Control— By connecting the CLV-S40 to video systems such as the Visera system via a light guide cable; brightness can be changed automatically, saving time and energy.
    • Standby–Illumination can be switched to standby using the front panel switch or the camera head remote switch.
    • Intensity-Mode Memory-Intensity-Mode Memory will still be in that mode when the CLV-S40 is turned off in high-intensity mode. This also refers to the normal mode of frequency.
    • Easy-to-see Front Panel-Brightness and strength can be quickly changed with buttons and front panel switches.

    Olympus CLV-S30/S40 Specifications

    • Dimensions: Size: 295 (W) x 125 (H) x 395.4 (D) mm (maximum)
    • Weight: 12 kg


    • Lamp: 300W (ozone-free) Xenon short-arc lamp
    • Lamp life: Approx.
    • Ignition: switching lever
    • Brightness adjustment: light-path diaphragm command
    • Cooling: forced-air cooling
    • Emergency lamp: 24V 150W halogen lamp (without a mirror)
    • Emergency lamp life: approx. 500 hours of continuous use (Lamp life can vary slightly in intermittent usage)

    Front Panel

    • Emergency Lamp Indicator: indicates that an emergency lamp is working or blinks when an emergency lamp is damaged
    • Intensity-Mode Memory Indicator: indicates that Intensity-Mode Memory is selected
    • Standby Mode Indicator: indicates that standby mode is selected
    • Configuration Retention: selected settings are maintained when the origin is turned off.
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  • Olympus UHI-3 Insufflation Unit

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    Olympus UHI-3 Insufflation Unit

    Product Description

    The Olympus UHI-3 Insufflator is in excellent condition and is certified according to the appropriate operating requirements. The UHI-3 High Flow Insufflation System has an integrated smoke evacuation system. It provides optimal abdominal conditions that allow surgery to be more concentrated. The large front panel screen allows you to take a look at critical data.

    Clear interior space for procedures that are clear to consider. When the smoke evacuation footswitch is linked to the UHI-3, mist removal starts with pedal depression. All you need to do is click the footswitch (optional) and smoke and mist will be removed so that during surgery you can keep your vision clear. Better and more ergonomic views reduce stress in the OR and enhance can procedure’s performance, health, and speed.

    Olympus UHI-3 Insufflator Features:

    • Powerful insufflations of 35 L / min: UHI-3 has a powerful high-flow gas supply. To return to the preset pressure level, it can quickly respond to gas leakage.
    • Automatic relief: The warning lamp and alarm are triggered when the abdominal pressure becomes too high and the pinch valve on the suction tube automatically opens to relieve excess pressure.
    • Low noise design: the noise in the electromagnetic valve is held particularly low by an innovative mechanism.
    • 3 Main Flow Settings: Flow rate configured to low, medium or high mode can be set easily.
    • Check Glance Critical Data: Preset and current stresses are shown at the same time. By staying concentrated on what you are doing, you can easily monitor the necessary information.
    • Medical Gas Pipeline Connectable: UHI-3 special pressure control system allows you to connect it to the medical gas pipeline of your hospital, removing the need for large, awkward gas cylinders.

    Olympus UHI-3 Insufflator Specifications:

    • Flow Rate Settings: When power is turned on, low mode is selected.
    • Low Mode: 0.1 – 1.0 L/min.
    • Medium Mode: 1.1 – 19 L/min.
    • High Mode: 20 – 35 L/min.
    • Power Requirements:
    • Voltage (AC): 100 – 240 V.
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
    • Input: 150 VA.
    • Voltage Fluctuation: Within ± 10%.
    • Size: Dimensions: 295 mm (W) x 340 mm (D) x 150 mm (H) (housing dimensions).
    • Weight: 10 kg.
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  • Storz Telecam(Camera head and Controller)

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    Storz Telecam(Camera head and Controller)

    Brand: STORZ
    Type: O/R Camera
    Model: DXII+Telecam-C Head

    Storz Telecam DX II 202330 20 with Telecam-C Camera Head 20212134.

    Camera Console:
    Color systems PAL/NTSC, with integrated digital fiberscope filters.
    Video Output: Composite signal to BNC socket, S-video signal to 4 pin Mini DIN socket (2x)
    Control Output: 3.5mm stereo jack plug (ACC1, ACC2)
    Control Unit (CCU): Dimensions: 308x88x254mm (w x h x d), weight: 2.7kg.
    Power Supply: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Camera Head:
    Color Systems PAL/NTSC, 2freely programmable camera head buttons
    Image sensor: -1/2 CCD chip
    Pixels: 752 (H)+582 (v) pixels per chip (PAL) 768 (H) X 494 (V) pixels per chip (NTSC)
    Resolution: > 450 lines (horizontal)
    Signal to noise ratio: > 50 dB (PAL) > 52dB (NTSC)
    AGC: Microprocessor controlled
    Min. Semsitivity: 3 LUX (f=1.4mm)

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