Biolite E30 3 Channel ECG with interpretation 80mm printer

Biolite E30 3 Channel ECG with interpretation 80mm printer

Functional requirements: an electric bedside device (AC-powered) designed to continuously detect, measure and display the electrocardiogram (ECG) of a patient by means of leads and sensors attached to the patient, and typically display heart rate. Usually, the system is fitted with audible and/or visual warnings activated when the parameters of the patient fall below or exceed pre-set limits. Continuous display of patient ECG and heart rate on screen, Allows display of single, 5 lead ECG or simultaneous display of at least 5 waves selected from up to 12 points. The operator can set audiovisual alarm levels for low or high heart rate. Operates from mains voltage or from the internal rechargeable battery.


Biolite E30 3 Channel ECG with interpretation 80mm printer


  • 4.3 inch LCD screen color, full touch screen interface
  • Use high-resolution and high-speed data sampling to ensure accurate waveform sampling.
  • Innovative all-digital filter for better performance
  • Innovative quick baseline correction algorithms enable quick baseline stabilization
  • Use of high-precision digital storage to ensure accuracy of follow-up data analysis
  • Use of overall 80 mm roll paper recorder design
  • Support internal data storage, U disk storage
  • Support data dumping, playback, automatic ECG reanalysis.



BIOLIGHT has been IPO since 2011 and is now trading in the SHENZHEN STOCK EXCHANGE. Founded in 1993, BIOLIGHT is a leading manufacturer of medical instruments, medical consumables and healthcare solutions that is globally known. At BIOLIGHT, we look beyond technologies to the experience of committed healthcare professionals to find inspiration for our clients’ needs. For this cause, BIOLIGHT has continued to be recognized as a leading innovator in the fields of patient monitoring and emergency management, renal hemodialysis, and digital home health solutions.

Biolight, headquartered in Zhuhai, China, has a multinational business presenting RND, Publicity, Distribution and Operation. In Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America, Biolight has developed 8 testing and manufacturing plants, 12 subsidiaries, and overseas distribution divisions covering sales and services, expanding and counting in over 135 countries.

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BIOLIGHT has invested extensively in world-class labs and staff, including 5 specialist GMP laboratories and 8 specialized scientific engineering and testing centers, to help continue our performance and further improve our effectiveness in engineering and designs.

Value is weaved into every part of the business of BIOLIGHT. With our mandate: “Efficiency is Money, Quality is Life” in mind, BIOLIGHT aims for innovation in engineering and development and creates customer trust across the world. One of the first businesses in China to receive TUV ISO9001/ISO13485 quality scheme certification was BIOLIGHT in 1996. In 2002, BIOLIGHT became the first company to obtain CMD product certification for medical devices. And since then, in electronic medical instruments, haemodialysis devices, medical consumables, and home care medical products, BIOLIGHT has gained CE mark certification. BIOLIGHT subsequently gained FDA 510(K) approval for patience products in 2006.

With a combined area of 1,898,000 square meters, BIOLIGHT built 7 high-tech manufacturing campuses across China, located in Zhuhai, Tianjin, Liaoning, Chongqing, Changzhou, and Nanchang, conveniently and efficiently distributing quality goods across the country and around the world. Via a series of intelligent quality controls, every component of the manufacturing process is regulated. A stringent, complete quality management mechanism is put in place for any product that comes out of our facility to ensure optimum satisfaction and traceability.

BIOLIGHT has several long-term partnerships with leading institutions, public development agencies, organizations for health and social responsibility that are deeply engaged in medical, humanitarian, and social programs for patient care. One of our main missions at BIOLIGHT is fulfilling corporate social responsibility. BIOLIGHT has made constant efforts as an integral part of the global economic environment to contribute to public welfare in China and around China, concentrating primarily on: access to education, access to technology, public health, and community resilience. By exploiting our diverse organization expertise in biomedical engineering and digital wellness, BIOLIGHT will continue to optimize the influence of our corporate responsibility initiatives, providing a forum to further focus on generating ideals for our community.

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