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  • Alpinion E-cube i7 ultrasound

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    Alpinion E-cube i7, ultrasound machine

    Model: E-cube i7
    Brand: Alpinoin

    E-cube i7 ultrasound machine is a contemporary tool used for a wide spectrum of diverse inspections. These days, in various medical fields, medical equipment for ultrasound diagnostics is in demand. The physician can acquire data on the structure, size, and placement of the internal organs by using this tool.

    Vascular cells Yes
    Cardiac calculations Yes
    Ob/Gyn calcs yes
    General calculations Yes
    Trapezoid Imaging, Virtual convex Yes
    SRI, SRI HD Yes
    AIO (Automatic Image Optimization) Yes
    SCI Yes
    CW continuous wave Doppler Optional
    Tissue harmonic Optional
    Color Doppler Optional
    TD tissue Doppler Optional
    Anatomical M-mode Optional
    Panoramic imaging Optional
    Elastography NO
    Auto IMT YES
    M-Mode Yes
    B-Mode (Brightness Modulation) yes
    Ports number 1
    Stationary or Portable Portable
    Monitor Size 15.6
    Diagnostic accuracy class Mid-range

    Ultrasound machine implementation advantages The primary assets of the ultrasound machine E-cube i7 are as follows: data is highly accurate;

    • Use comfort ;
    • modern picture quality ;
    • high screen resolution ;
    • excellent depth of visualization ;
    • mid-range class scheme ;
    • multifunctionality and efficiency.

    Watching Video: 

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  • PC-Based 12-Lead ECG Machine BRITEMED

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    PC-Based 12-Lead ECG Machine BRITEMED


    Product PC Based ECG
    Brand BRITEMED
    Patient Leads: 12 -lead electrocardiogram
    Sensitivity: 5, 10, 20,40mm/mV
    Sampling Rate: 1000 samples per second
    Low Cut Filter:  0.05 Hz, 0.15 Hz, 0.3 Hz
    High Cut Filter:  30 Hz, 150 Hz, 250 Hz, off
    Hum Filter:  50 Hz, 60 Hz, off
    Common Mode Rejection: > 90dB
    Sweep Speed: 25mm/s
    Printing Paper Size:  A4
    HR Measurement Range: 30BPM_300BPM, Accuracy: ± 1BPM
    Defibrillator Protection:  Yes
    Pacing Pulse Detection:  Yes
    Power Supply: 5V/0.3A (supplied from PC via USB cable)
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 60 x 23.2mm
    Weight: 157.5 g
    Operating Temperature: 10°C_40°C
    Storage Temperature: -20°C_50°C
    System Requirements OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) or newer OS is required.
    PC display resolution: 1280 x 768 (min)
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  • BPAP A30- Micomme

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    BPAP A30 – Micomme

    BPAP A30-Micomme is a very Popular Medical Product is Prescribed By the Experts Using all Over the World.

    • Brand – Micomme
    • Model – A30
    • Snoring
    • Mouth breathing
    • Insomnia
    • Suffocated awake at night
    • Daytime lethargy
    • Memory decline
    • Endocrine disorders
    • Hight blood pressure
    • Hight blood glucose
    • Low blood oxygen
    • Respiratory modes
    • cm/H2O pressure range
    • portable bag
    • portable mask case
    • 5*16*10.5cm
    • 28dB working noise
    • Automatically turn on sleep mode
    • 360°anti-countercurrent  technology
    • Anti-dry technology to avoid risks
    • Adjustable 5 temperature levels
    • Surface
    • M+HealthCare Platform
    • App
    • Analysis Software

    Warranty: 1 Year

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  • Bilevel Noninvasive Ventilator Floton S20

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    Bilevel Noninvasive Ventilator
    Floton S20

    Compact, Light and Quiet, the Floton BiLevel understands that every breath is different. Using advanced Adaptive Triggering Technology (ATT), Floton is designed to effortlessly synchronize with the natural breathing of the patient.

    Brand ResMed
    Usage Hospital, Clinic, Personal
    Model Floton S 20
    Dimensions 180mmX210X105mm
    Weight 1.6Kg (1.2Kg without humidifier)
    IPAP range  4 -20 cmH2O (ST20), 4 -25 cmH2O (ST25) 4 -30 cmH2O (ST30), 4 -33 cmH2O (ST33)
    EPAP range 4cm H2O – 20cm H2O CPAP range 4cm H2O – 20cm H2O
    Pressure accuracy +-(2% of the full scale reading + 4% of the actual read)
    Ramp Time 0 – 60 min, 1min per step
    Noise <30dB(A)(at 10 cmH2O/~1.0kPa)
    Ventilation mode CPAP/S/ST/T/APCV BPM
    Alarms AUTO ON/OFF Alarms Power failure, Leak, Apnea, Pressure, Mask OFF, Low ventilation/Tidal volume
    BPM (Backup rate) 5 – 50 bmp
    Inspiratory time ratio(I/T %) 10% – 80%
    Monitoring parameters  IPAP, EPAP, VTidal , Vminute ,BPM(RR), Leak
    Operational Temperature +5℃ ~ +35℃
    Operational relative humidity  10% ~ 93% (non-condensing
    Operational Atmospheric pressure 700hPa – 1060hPa
    Transport/storage temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃
    Transport/storage relative humidity  10% ~ 93% (non-condensing)
    Transport/storage Atmospheric pressure 500hPa – 1060hPa
    Pressure control  At the mask
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    This Fukuda Denshi ECG weighs only 1.2 kg and is smaller than an A4 sheet norm. Nevertheless, it offers a wide range of applications and high performance.

    ECG :

    • 12 Standard leads
    • Frequency response: 0.05Hz to 150 Hz (within -3 dB)
    • Filters: AC:50 or 60 Hz
    • Muscle: 25 or 35 Hz
    • Drift: 0.25 or 0.5 HZ 6y660z
    • Interpretation: Brugada Criteria
    • Definition of Arrhythmia,
    • Explanation of Criteria for Evaluation

    Memory: 128 measurements
    Display : Large LCD screen (320 x 240 dots)
    ECG display 3/6/12-channels

    Interpretation / Arrhythima function
    Paper speed : 5, 10, 12.5, 25 or 50 mm/sec
    1/3 channels on 50/63 mm paper
    recording paper:  63 x 30 m

    Interface :
    Communication Port:  LAN port (10Base-T)
    Battery autonomy: 3 hours
    Size and Weight :
    Dimension (L x W x H):  225 mm x 180 mm x 50 mm
    Weight: 1.2 kg


    1 transport case
    1 Mains adapter
    1 patient cable
    1 set of  6 chest electrodes and 4 clips


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  • Biolite E30 3 Channel ECG with interpretation 80mm printer

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    Biolite E30 3 Channel ECG with interpretation 80mm printer

    Functional requirements: an electric bedside device (AC-powered) designed to continuously detect, measure and display the electrocardiogram (ECG) of a patient by means of leads and sensors attached to the patient, and typically display heart rate. Usually, the system is fitted with audible and/or visual warnings activated when the parameters of the patient fall below or exceed pre-set limits. Continuous display of patient ECG and heart rate on screen, Allows display of single, 5 lead ECG or simultaneous display of at least 5 waves selected from up to 12 points. The operator can set audiovisual alarm levels for low or high heart rate. Operates from mains voltage or from the internal rechargeable battery.

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  • Biocare Ie-6, 6-Lead ECG Machine

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    Biocare Ie-6, 6-Lead ECG Machine

    Model NO IE-6
    Trademark Biocare
    Origin Shenzhen China
    Classification Physiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
    Type Digital EEG/ECG/EKG/EMG/ VCG
    Certification CE
    Group Middle-aged and Old
    Medical Device Regulatory Type Type 1
    Transport Package Carton
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  • RMS Electroencephalograph Maximus 24(EEG)

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    Electroencephalograph Maximus 24(EEG)

    Product Name RMS Portable EEG Machine
    Model   Maximus 32 Channel EEG
    Brand Name RMS
    Number of Channels 24
    Type Portable, Video EEG, USB Powered
    Noise 0.5
    Amplifier interface USB
    Application Hospital
    Brand RMS
    Power Supply USB POWERED
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  • Chison Eco3 Expert- Ultrasound Device

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    Chison Eco3 Expert- Ultrasound Device

    Chison- Expert in Eco3 medical ultrasound devices of high quality. Popular brand all over the world.

    Brand Name Chison
    Model Number eco3 expert
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Model name portable ultrasound
    Display 12 Inch Screen
    Display Mode B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M
    Probe Frequency 2.5 MHz – 11.0 MHz (Depend on the probe)
    Application clinic and hospital
    Zoom PIP zoom & pan zoom
    Features portable
    Gray Scale 256 Levels
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 Months
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  • CONTEC ECG 300G Portable 3 Channel12 Lead EKG Portable ECG Machine

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    CONTEC ECG 300G Portable 12 Lead EKG Portable ECG Machine

    Brand Name CONTEC
    Model Number ECG300G
    Place of Origin Hebei, China
    Instrument classification Class II
    Type Examination Therapy Equipment
    Certificate CE ISO FDA SFDA ROHS
    Product name 12 Lead ECG 3 channel
    Weigh 1.6Kg
    Dimension 315mm(L) *215mm(W) * 77mm(H)
    Display 3.5″ TFT Color LCD display
    Optional Software which can transfer data to PC
    Multi-language interface and report
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  • Zoncare Q-7 Color Doppler 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine

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    Zoncare Q-7 Color Doppler 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine

    Brand Name : Zoncare
    Model Number : Zoncare-Q7 vet
    Certification : CE/ISO
    Place of Origin : China
    MOQ : 1 set
    Price : negotiable
    Supply Ability : 100sets/month
    Packaging Details : 650*1055*1395mm
    LED Monitor : 19” LED
    Touch Screen : 10.4”
    Gray Scales : 256
    Hard Disc : 500GB
    Tint : 0-14
    TGC : 8 slides


    • Ergonomics: on-platform
    • Application: for gynecological and obstetric ultrasound imaging, for cardiovascular ultrasound imaging, for musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging
    • Options: 3D/4D
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  • CONTEC ECG 1200G Touch Screen 12-Channel Elecreocardiograph 

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    CONTEC ECG 1200G Touch Screen 12-Channel Elecreocardiograph

    Type Pathological Analysis Equipment
    Brand Name CONTEC
    Place of Origin Hebei, China
    Model Number ECG1200G
    Instrument classification Class II
    Trade Trade assurance service provided
    Weigh 3.2Kg
    Dimension 340mm(L) * 320mm(W) * 85mm(H)
    Power supply AC/DC
    AC 100V~240V(50/60Hz)
    DC 14.8V/3500mAh rechargeable lithium battery
    Paper size 210mm(W)*20m(L)
    Certificate CE ISO FDA
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