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  • DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine By Philips Respironics

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    DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine By Philips



    Product Name DreamStation Auto CPAP
    Brand Philips
    Model DreamStation
    Pressure Range 4 to 20 cm H2O
    Electrical Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    Ramp Time 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments)
    Mask Fit Check Yes
    Auto On/Off Yes
    Ramp Pressure 4 cm H2O to CPAP Pressure (CPAP)
    CPAP with Humidifier 11.69 x 7.59 x 3.3 inches
    CPAP without Humidifier
    6.18 x 7.59 x 3.3 inches
    Weight with Humidifier 4.37 pounds (including the power supply)
    Weight without Humidifier 2.94 pounds
    Filters Reusable pollen; Disposable Ultra-fine
    DC Power Yes ( optional DC cable is required ) part #1120746
    Device Set-up LCD, control dial/push button
    Data Storage Capacity SD card > 1 year On-board<6 months
    Bluetooth Yes, Integrated Bluetooth
    Humidifier Heated humidification Fixed, Adaptive, Heated Tube modes; Heated tube(optional)
    Altitude Compensation Automatic
    Humidification (optional) Removable Heated Humidifier
    Special Features Color Screen,Daily progress feedback, Ambient light sensor, Opti-Start
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  • Nasan Digital ETT Machine_ST win Standard

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    Nasan Digital ETT Machine_ST win Standard

    Model: ST win Standard
    Manufacture: Nasan Medical Electronics Pvt Ltd.
    Country of Origin: India

    Technical Specification

    Frequency response 05 Hz to 150 Hz with notch at 50Hz
    Filter DSP
    Input impedance 10 MΩ
    Time constant > 3.2 sec
    A/D conversion 12 bit
    Noise < 20μV p-p
    Leakage current < 10 μA
    Patient isolation Optical isolation.
    Gain 5, 10 & 20 mm/mV selectable.
    CMRR  > 120 dB
    Sweep speed 25.0 mm/S.
    Accuracy of HR +/- 2 BPM.
    Sampling Frequency 250 samples per second simultaneous
    Storage 12 lead unaveraged ECG, 10-second Rhythm strips of 12 leads, Medians after every 8 sec along with HR, BP and fiducial points, full disclosure of entire test


    Power 230V/220, 50Hz, 15A
    Power consumption 1.5KVA
    Incline Range  0-22%
    Dimension L X W – 2055 X 750 mm
    Walking Area 1440 X 500mm
    Weight 100Kg
    Patient Weight Up to 250kg
    Belt Speed Smooth, 0-15Kmph

    One Year Machine Warranty and 12-month free Servicing

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  • MINDRAY DP-30 Portable Ultrasound

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    Mindray DP-30 Portable Ultrasound

    Mindray DP-30

    Mindray DP-30 is a digital ultrasonic imaging system of high quality used by professionals. Mindray DP-30 has a great image, it’s very mobile to use!

    Key Features

    • Harmonic Imaging (THI) tissue improving contrast resolution
    • IP – Optimization of one – key image (Image Processing)
    • 8-segment TGC for accurate adjustment of the image
    • Compact dimensions
    • Scanning ready within 17s
    • User-defined keys, customized operations programmable
    • One-touch function for local disk or USB drive image and cine storage
    • Lithium battery for continuous scanning up to 1.5 hours
    • Review previously saved images
    • Efficient integration of iStationTM patient data storage, archiving, reviewing and recovery
    • Net weight: 5.5 kg (battery – free)

    Optional accessories:

    • Mobile trolley
    • Lithium-ion battery: UMT-110
    • Carrying case

    Optionally available probes:

    • Convex sample (2 – 5Mhz)- 50 mm footprint for Abdominal, OB / GYN, Urology, Pediatric
    • Linear sample (5 – 10Mhz) – 38 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Linear sample (5 – 10Mhz)
    • 53 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Linear sample (8 – 12Mhz)
    • 24 mm footprint for MSK, hands
    • Micro-convex sample (5 – 8.5Mhz) — 15 mm footprint for MSK, Cardiac, Urology, Abdominal, Nervous, Pediatric, Cephalic
    • Bi-Plane Micro – Convex (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • Endocavity Micro – Convex (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • 10 mm footprint for Gyn / OB
    • Endorectal Linear (5 – 8.5Mhz)
    • 60 mm footprint for Urology.
    • Micro-convex sample (2 – 5Mhz) – 20 mm footprint for Gyn / OB, MSK, Abdominal, Pediatric, Cardiac, Vascular, Nerve
    • Linear sample shapes (5 – 10Mhz)- 38 mm footprint for interoperative, small organs, orthopedic, nerve, vascular.
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  • Portable Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave Machine) 24.41 Liter, HY-260

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    Portable Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave Machine) 24.41 Liter, HY-260

    Product Name Autoclave Machine
    Model HY-260
    Chamber size (diameter * Depth) 260mm * 460mm
    Overall size (Weight: 340mm, Height: 600mm, Diameter: 420mm
    Chamber Capacity 16.6 liter
    Power Consumption 220V / 0.9KW/3.7 Amp.
    Timer Range 0~60 minutes
    Material Quality Chamber SUS#304
    Using Temperature/Pressure Unwrapped: 122 C/1.4kg/cm2, Wrapped: 122 C/1.4kg/cm2, Liquids: 121 C/1.2kg/cm2
    Working range 140 C at 1.5kg/cm2
    Safety Device Thermostat control – prevent overheating safety valve, release valve, emergency exhaust valve
    Standard Accessories  #304 Stainless Steel , Sterilization box size: 35cm x 18cm x 12cm tray – 1pc.
    Origin  Taiwan
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  • GOS-17X17 Wireless X-Ray DR/Portable FPD Flat Panel Detector SONTU50 Series

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    SONTU 50 Series FPD Flat panel detector DR/Portable wireless X-Ray GOS-17X17

    SONTU FPD Technical Parameters
    Model 17X17
    Detector type Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector
    Scintillator type GOS
    Pixel Matrix/mm±0.5  430*430
    Resolution 3072*3072
    Pixel Pitch/um 140
    Limiting Resolution  ≥3.4Lp/mm
    A/D Conversion/bit 16
    Sync mode  Fixed integral
    Imaging time/S  ≤2
    Image transmission Gigabit Ethernet
    Weight/kg±0.05 4.08
    Detector size/mm±0.5  462*477*16.1
    Power input of power box/V  100~240VAC
    Power 25W
    protection from electric shock CLASS B
    Ingress Protection  IP54
    Working temperature(℃)  5~40
    Working humidity(%RH)  15~90
    Storage temperature(℃)  -20~+50
    Storage humidity(%RH)  10~90
    Irradiation hardness/GY 150

    Product Video Link

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  • DRE 140 X-ray machine 500MA

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    DRE 140 X-ray machine 500MA

    Generator DRE140
    Max. Output 40kW
    mA range 10 ~ 500mA
    kV range 40 ~ 125kV
    mAs range 0.4 ~ 630mAs
    Power supply 1Ø 220VAC 50/60Hz
    Exposure time 0.004 ~ 10sec
    No. of APR 216
    Option AEC
    X-ray tube DRE140
    Focal spot 1.0/2.0mm
    Anode heat capacity 100kJ (140kHU)
    Target angle 16°
    Voltage range 40 – 125kV
    Weight 16kg
    Permanent filtration 0.9mmAl

    Flat panel detector DRE140
    Scintillator CSI
    Pixel pitch 143um
    Resolution 3.7lp/mm
    MTF 36% (2.0lp/mm, 70kVp, 1×1)
    DQE 0.7
    Active Area 43 x 43.9cm
    Pixel matrix 3,008 x 3,072
    AD conversion 14 bits
    Energy range 40 ~ 150kVp
    Power supply 1Ø 100 ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz
    Dimension 512 x 495 x 43mm
    Weight 16kg
    Flat panel detector DRE140
    Scintillator CSI
    Pixel pitch 143um
    Resolution 3.7lp/mm
    MTF 36% (2.0lp/mm, 70kVp, 1×1)
    DQE 0.7
    Active Area 43 x 43.9cm
    Pixel matrix 3,008 x 3,072
    AD conversion 14 bits
    Energy range 40 ~ 150kVp
    Power supply 1Ø 100 ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz
    Dimension 512 x 495 x 43mm
    Weight 16kg

    Collimator DRE140
    Power supply 1Ø 24VAC 50/60Hz
    Max. kVp shield 35 x 35cm at SID 65cm
    Inherent filtration 1.2mmAl
    Lamp luminosity Over 160Lux
    Lamp time 30sec
    Field size control Manual

    Tube Stand:

    Vertical travel distance 1,400mm
    Transverse travel distance 260mm
    Min. Tube height (from the floor) 550mm
    Max. Tube height (from the floor) 1,950mm
    Column rotation ±90°
    Tube rotation ±180°
    Longitudinal travel distance 2,400 ~ 3,000mm ,(floor-ceiling fixed type), 1,500mm (floor fixed type)
    Power supply 24VDC, 3A
    Weight DRE140/150

    Bucky Stand:

    Vertical travel distance 1,400mm
    Min. Tube height (from the floor) 400mm
    Max. Tube height (from the floor) 1,800mm
    Power supply 1Ø 16 ~ 24VAC 50/60Hz
    Weight 120kg
    Application DRE140/150

    Bucky Table:

    Tabletop size 2,000 x 745mm
    Tabletop height 670mm
    Tabletop material Acryl
    Longitudinal Travel distance ±280mm
    Transverse travel distance ±140mm
    Bucky travel distance ±230mm
    Max. patient weight Max. 150kg
    Power supply 1Ø 220VAC 50/60Hz
    Weight 160kg
    Application DRE140/150

    Configuration of The System:

    Components DRE140 with fixed dual FPD DRE140 with portable FPD
    40kW Generator ok ok ok
    50kW Generator
    17″ x 17″ Flat panel detector ok
    14″ x 17″ Flat panel detector ok
    150kV X-ray tube
    125kV X-ray tube ok ok ok
    Basic Configuration Tube stand, Bucky stand, Bucky table, PC & monitor, Acquisition Software,- upgradable to floor mounted Tube stand,- for international sales
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    DuLife Plus Compressor Nebulizer Machine DM 786

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    DuLife Plus Compressor Nebulizer Machine

    Model: DL 786
    Origin: China

    Dulife plus nebulizer is Switzerland’s high-quality products, Higher range follows, Easy to use, Slim design for home use, Hospital, better health care Dulife plus nebulizer.

    Key Features

    • Strong airflow
    • Low noise
    • Easy to operate
    • Portable nebulizer
    • Assembly: China
    • Easy to handle and clean.

    Technical Specifications

    • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz, 220V 50Hz/60Hz
    • Power consumption: 175VA
    • Medication Capacity: 6ml
    • Particle Size: Respiratory Fraction 80 percent 0.5 ~ 5μm
    • MMAD: 2.0μm • Average Nebulization Rate: 0.2ml / min
    • Noise Level: Below 55 dBA
    • Compressor Pressure Range: 30 ~ 36 Psi/ 2.1~2.5 bar / 210Kpa~250Kpa
    • Operating Pressure Range: 8 ~ 16 Psi/0.5 ~ 1.0 bar / 50KpaStandard Accessories

    Standard Accessories

    • Nebulizer bottle
    • Air tube
    • Mouthpiece
    • Adult mask
    • Child Mask
    • Air filters (5pcs)
    • Optional Accessories: Baby pacifier inhaler, Nose piece

    Warranty: 1 Year

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  • RossMax BP Machine with Stethoscope

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    RossMax BP Machine with Stethoscope

    Good in all environments for medical professionals. Stress-tested more than 3,000 times and 5 times calibrated.It is one of the most robust, accurate and reliable devices on the market for measuring blood pressure.

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  • 1 Touch Prime Blood Glucose Test Monitor with Test Strip

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    1 Touch Prime Blood Glucose Test Monitor with Test Strip


    • Electrochemical  biosensor technology
    • Auto code
    • Alternative-site testing available
    • Easy and convenient test procedure
    • Micro blood volume for the test (0.5uL)
    • Measurement time of 5 Seconds 5 patients / 450
    • Test results memories with time and date
    • The large and clear LCD display
    • No coding for easy testing

    Lifetime Replacement Guaranty.

    In The Box: 1x Meter, 1x Lancelet Device, 1x Needle

    SKU: n/a
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring GM 300 Bionime

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    Blood Glucose Monitoring

    GM 300, Bionime

    The Non-slip Design Let You Easy to Hold

    In addition to the accuracy of blood glucose measurement, we hope to let you use more easily through good design.


    Test strip GS300
    Coding Smart code key calibration
    Enzyme / Measurement technology GOD / Electrochemical sensor
    Blood sample source Capillary whole blood
    Minimum sample volume 1.4 microliters  (0.0014c.c.)
    HCT range 30 – 55%
    Measuring range 10 – 600mg/dL (0.6 – 33.3 mmol/L)
    Meter dimensions (L x W x H) 85.0 x 58.0 x 22.0 mm (3.34 x 2.28 x 0.86 inch)
    Display area (L x W) 39.0 x 38.0 mm (1.53 x 1.49 inch)
    Weight (with battery) 85g
    Power supply Two 1.5V AAA batteries
    Memory capacity 300 blood glucose test results with date and time
    Operating temperature 10 – 40°C (50 – 104°F)
    Operating relative humidity 10 – 90%
    Meter storage conditions -10 – 60°C (14 – 140°F)
    Test strip storage conditions 4 – 30°C (39 – 86°F), < 90% relative humidity
    Accuracy 95% of the measured glucose values shall fall within either
    Glucose concentrations < 5.5mmol/L (100mg/dL), difference within ± 0.83mmol/L (15mg/dL)
    Glucose concentrations ≥ 5.5mmol/L (100mg/dL), bias within ± 15%
    Precision Glucose concentrations < 5.5mmol/L (100mg/dL), SD < 0.28mmol/L (5mg/dL)
    Glucose concentrations ≥ 5.5mmol/L (100mg/dL), CV < 5%
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  • Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor (ARM)

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    Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor (ARM)

    To determine man’s heart rate and blood pressure, this instrument is used. Used with how to install this tool on the sphygmomanometer of the arm and the unit will gently read blood pressure, wait for a while to understand the end result.


    • Name: Electronic sphygmomanometer automatic arm
    • Display: LCD display of liquid crystal
    • Measurement technique: oscillographic detection method
    • Normal operating environment: temperature 5~40? Moisture= 80% RH
    • Transportation and storage: moisture-20~55? Humidity 10 percent~90 percent RH
    • Measurable arm circumference: approximately 22 cm~32 cm
    • Weight: approximately 5.35 kg
    • Power Supply: DC 6V (4x AA Battery)
    • Dimensions: 9.8x 12.6x 6.0 cm
    • Safety Category: Internal Power Supply Type B
    • Press the way: vibration plate type pump pressure adjustment mode
    • Quick exhaust mode: Extreme exhaust valve open
    • Pressure detection: Semiconductor pressure sensor.
    • Detection of pulses: stress sensor for semiconductors

    Measurement Range:

    • Pressure: 0-280mmHg
    • Pulse: 40-199 Pulse / Min


    • Pressure: +-3mmHg
    • Pulsa Rate: within +-5%

    Easy to use

    Just install this device on the wrist and switch this sphygmomanometer on. The findings will be accurate in a few moments.


    Using unique products of fabric that do not invite the germs so that they can be used safely and comfortably continuously.

    Precise measurement

    This blood pressure monitor can generate precise information so that you can confidently find out the test outcomes.

    Package Includes:

    1 x Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Sphygmomanometer (RAK289)

    1 x User Manual

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  • 3M Littmann Stethoscope Classic – III Black Edition

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    3M Littmann Stethoscope Classic – III ( Black Edition)

    3M™ LITTMAN® (USA)

    Product Feature:

    Acoustic Performance 8 (1–10 scale)
    Chestpiece Design/ Machined stainless steel
    Technology two-sided
    Headset Material Lightweight, aircraft-grade, aluminum alloy
    Approximate Length 27″/69 cm
    Approximate Weight 150 grams
    Diaphragm Details/ Diameter Two tunable diaphragms 1.7″/4.3 cm, 1.4”/3.4cm
    Warranty 3 years

    Love your stethoscope:

    The compact and sensitive 3M™ Littmann® Classic III™ Monitoring Stethoscope is the perfect instrument for clinicians who monitor and assess children or adults in non-critical care environments. Manufactured with strong yet lightweight materials for hours of comfortable use.


    • Monitor and evaluate a wide range of patients
    • Detect normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms
    • Useful in noncritical care settings such as medical office, general ward, OB / GYN, outpatient clinic or emergency care
    • 5-year warranty
    • Fun and vibrant; match the color and finish with personality.
    • Designed for use with adults and pediatric patients
    • Tunable, double-sided stainless steel chest piece with open or closed bell
    • Non-chill bell sleeve for greater patient comfort
    • Soft-sealing ear tips provide optimal comfort and excellent sound occlusion
    • Made in the USA without natural rubber latex.

    Suggested Application

    General Physical Assessment & Diaginosis

    SKU: n/a
  • BSMI Black Edition Light Weight Stethoscope

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    BSMI Aneroid Sphygmomanometer


    Brand BSMI
     Model BSMI Black Edition Light Weight Stethoscope
     measurement Reliable
    Origin China
    SKU: n/a
  • Beurer HL 40 warm wax hair remover

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    Beurer HL 40 warm wax hair remover

    Product designation warm wax hair remover
    Brand Beurer
    Operating mode (mains/rechargeable battery/battery) Mains operation
    Product dimensions (L x W x H) 20 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm
    CE yes
    SKU: n/a
  • Yuwell IN-747GPF Stethoscope

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    Yuwell IN-747GPF Stethoscope

    Double function stethoscope IN-747GPF (golden) with 24 K of gold plated and special transparent baking paint technology.

    • Special material for experts.
    • Fiat-shaped specification & Fiat-shaped head shaped to detect LFE heart noise.
    • Heart sound expands.
    • The third sound of the heart.
    • The first sound of the heart and second sound of the heart.
    • Detect heart buzzing of high quality.
    • Bell-shaped stethoscope head gets the heartbeat sound from the fetus to detect low bar high noise.
    SKU: n/a
  • Rossmax TG100 Digital Thermometer

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    Rossmax TG100 Digital Thermometer


    • Self-diagnosis when the unit is dysfunctional
    • Fire alarm and Fahrenheit switching capacity
    • Low battery warning, auto shutdown, and 60 seconds calculation
    • It contains batteries and manual instructions.
    SKU: n/a
  • FOCAL FC-100V Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

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    FOCAL FC-100V Aneroid Sphygmomanometer With Velcro Cuff

    Model FC-100V
    Made in Japan
    The sphygmomanometer is a device that is used to measure the blood pressure of a person.


    • Ideal for use in GPs and hospitals
    • Chrome-plated brass manometer
    • 2-tube protective membrane
    • 56 mm diameter display scale
    • Total range measurement precision: ± 3mmHg
    • Sensitive adjustment screw valve.


    • High-quality, long-lasting material.
    • Flat and simple to perform – ideal for a doctor’s bag
    • Recyclable materials
    • Cotton cuff


    • Size: 11x 19x 7 cm
    • Approximate weight. 380 g
    • Piece weight: 470 g
    • Material: Cotton bracelet
    • Piece weight: 0–300 mmHg.
    • Arm size: 140 x 540 mm.
    • Medical devices for general use.
    • Latex-free rubber.
    • Use a tube that is lengthy.
    • Facilities to perform.
    SKU: n/a
  • BSMI Classic Stethoscope

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    0 out of 5

    BSMI Classic Stethoscope

    BSMI Classic Stethoscope is a quality stethoscope with a very reasonable price using with its goodwill in many countries.

    Brand BSMI
    Model BSMI Classic Stethoscope
    Country of origin China
    Pack Type Single
    SKU: n/a