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  • E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND Ultrasound machine – Alpinon

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    E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND Ultrasound machine – Alpinon

    E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND’s exceptional quality allows a sophisticated acoustic technology that accurately manages and handles ultrasound signals.

    Crystal Signature™ ALPINION’s specialized single crystal technology, Crystal Signature™, produces higher image resolution, wide bandwidth, and deep penetration.
    MicroFit™ Technology ALPINION’s innovative transducer design facilitates optimized performance and enhances ergonomics.
    SensitiView™ Technology SensitiView™ Technology encompasses the CSA™(Clear Signal Amplifier), low loss cable and matching technology with the system.
    FleXcan™ Architecture ALPINION’s unique software-based ultrasound imaging platform ensures stable imaging performance and easy software upgrade
    Optimal Imaging Suite™ Optimized post-processing technology set creates optimized images by effectively decreasing artifacts and enhancing the edge of organs.- SCI- FCI- FTHI- PITHI- SRI / FullSRI™
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  • Ultrasound Machine-Chison i6

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    Ultrasound Machine – Chison i6

    Ultrasound Machine – Chison i6 is an outstanding cart-based Color Doppler System with delicate touch panel helps decrease user fatigue.

    Brand Chison
    Model i6
    Usage/Application For Human, Hospital
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Voltage 220-240 V
    Type Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices, portable
    Place of Origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
    Instrument classification Class III
    FDA ISO CE Yes
    Package Carton
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  • Biocare Ie-6, 6-Lead ECG Machine

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    Biocare Ie-6, 6-Lead ECG Machine

    Model NO IE-6
    Trademark Biocare
    Origin Shenzhen China
    Classification Physiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
    Type Digital EEG/ECG/EKG/EMG/ VCG
    Certification CE
    Group Middle-aged and Old
    Medical Device Regulatory Type Type 1
    Transport Package Carton
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  • Yuwell CPAP 560

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    Yuwell CPAP YH-560

    Model Number YH-560
    Material Medical PC
    Brand Name yuwell
    Certification CE,FDA,SG certification
    Pressure 4-20cm H2O
    Working mode AUTO CPAP + CPAP
    Package Size 40.0 * 20.0 * 10.0 ( cm )
    Gross Weight/Package 5.0 ( kg )
    Short Description: Human-computer interaction Information clearly Treatment ends automatically power off Small and portable Quiet and comfortable Fps – Tech technology Automatic

    Warranty 3 Years

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  • 6 Channel ECG Machine- ECG-606A

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    6 Channel ECG Machine- ECG-606A

    6 Channel ECG Machine- ECG-606A is a very high-quality machine from ECARE, China.

    Product Name ECG Machine
    Brand ECARE
    Model ECG-606A
    Country of Origin China
    Power supply Adapt 110-240V, 50/60Hz AC
    Multiple operation modes Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia Analysis Modes
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  • Zoncare 3 Channel ECG Machine IMAC 300

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    Zoncare 3 Channel ECG Machine IMAC 300

    iMAC 300 is a 12 channel resting ECG, which offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It is an ideal option for practice and clinic.


    Sampling rate: 32000Hz (1ms) Frequency Response: 0.01 ~ 350Hz
    Time Constant: ≥ 3.2s A/D shift: 24 bit
    CMRR: ≥ 130dB Input Impedance: ≥ 50MΩ(10 Hz)
    Sensitivity: 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40

    auto mm/mV±2%

    Paper Size: 80mm/20mm thermal roll paper
    Paper Speed:


    5, 6.25,12.5, 25, 50mm/s Recording Mode: Thermal array printer

    8 dot/mm(vertical)

    40 dot/mm(horizontal, 25mm/s)


    Main Advantages

    • 5.6 inch HD screen display,12-channel resting ECG, with squared figure format keyboard for hospital and patient information input
    • Single-Chamber Pacing and Dual-Chamber Pacing
    • ECG report sent by email from machine to PC or Smartphone via WiFi or WLAN directly
    • Multi-axisTP® printing technique for stable printing no matter what negative moving condition
    • Storage Formats: HL7; XML; SCP; PDF; PNG; DICOM; ZQECG
    • Electrode Disconnection Alarm (Diagram)
    • Support WiFi and cable connecting to the third party ECG network system, HIS and EMR system without ECG workstation

    Working Interface

    Standard Configuration

    • iMAC 300 ECG Machine (with Lithium battery)
    • Patient Cable
    • Chest Electrodes
    • Limb Electrodes
    • Thermal Printing Paper
    • Power Cord
    • Grounding Wire
    • User Manual
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  • Biocare 15 channel ECG Machine IE-15

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    Number of channels: 15-channel
    Technology: computer-based
    Options: with display


    • 1-inch high brightness color touch-screen, handwriting support
    • Alphanumeric keyboard with individual capital and numeric keys
    • 1:1 ratio waveforms with grid line background can meet doctors ‘ diagnostic habits
    • 15 leads simultaneously acquisition & 12 leads compatible
    • Application of Minnesota Code, CSE & AHA database
    • Cabrera display and report format available
    • • Last 300 sec.
    • R interval analysis, detection of arrhythmia, brief and detailed analysis reports
    • VCG has more advantages in the diagnosis of the correct atrium and ventricular hypertrophy, conduction block, myocardial infarction, VBI coronary artery, and a pre-excitation syndrome
    •  Automatic printing after detection of arrhythmia
    • ECG data can be saved as JPG, DICOM or XML format. Multiple ports for data transmission ( LAN, USB, SD card, VGA)
    • Connection support of the ECG management system via WIFI (optional)


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  • BiPAP-DS8 ST-30

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    Bipap Model-DS8 ST-30


    Product Name DS-8
    Model BiPAP ST 30
    Machine Size(mm) 280L x 140W x 95H
    Power Supply Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 2-1A
    Output  + 24V, 2.5A
    Working Mode CPAP, ST, S, T
    Screen 2.8 inch TFT, 320 x 240
    Data Storage SD Card
    DC Voltage 24VDC
    DC Current 2.0A maximum
    Sound  < 28dba
    Pressure range 4-30cmH2O
    Auto ON Yes
    Auto Altitude Yes
    Expiration Pressure Relief (EPR) Yes
    Auto OFF Yes
    Leak Compensation Yes
    Awake Detection Yes
    Breath Event Detection Yes
    Auto Pressure Titration NO
    Water Capacity  220ML max
    Humidifier Level 0-5 Level
    Humidifier Integrated Heated Humidifier

    Warranty: 1 Year

    Accessories Included

    • 1x Nasal Mask 
    • 1x Headgear 
    • 1x Tube 
    • 1x Filter 
    • 1x Power Adapter 
    • 1x User Manual 
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  • Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medigate Me CA 812i

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    Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medigate Me CA 812i

    Model: Me CA 812i
    Brand: Medigate
    Origin: Korea

    Medigate 12 Ch Eletro cardiograph, 12 leads Resting Template MeCA812i ECG Analysis Device. With default Medigate Corp. Korea accessories.


    • Built-in high-resolution 8-inch thermal printer
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Software management device [ PC Interface: RS232, LAN(reserve) ]
    • Complete alphanumeric keyboard capability [ Option: PS2 keyboard ]
    • ECG space [ Typical: 50ECGs, Option(1 GB SD card): 5000 ECGs ]
    • Firmware upgrade via USB memory stick
    • 320 * 204(dots) Graphical LCD screen.
    • High Quality, Easy-to-use, and Convenience
    • Purchase, review, processing, and printing one-button process.
    • The ECG signal’s LCD preview shows a misleading lead and signals distortion.
    • Complete alphanumeric keyboard for convenient operation.
    • Continuous recording of 3,6,12 channels in real-time.
    • Me CA 812i will store up to 5000 ECGs with the SD-Card.
    • Printing, printing, and distribution of ECGs .

    ECG Management System

    • Using the RS232, LAN or SD card, ECG can be transmitted from the ECG cardiograph to the PC (Mecalyzer).
    • The capability of server/client network service
    • Image (Jph or BMP) capability to capture printing.


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  • CPAP A25–Micomme

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    CPAP A25–Micomme

    CPAP A25 – Micomme has healthy heating and humidification system, releasing a larger amount of humidification.

    • Snoring
    • Mouth breathing
    • Insomnia
    • Suffocated awake at night
    • Daytime lethargy
    • Memory decline
    • Endocrine disorders
    • Hight blood pressure
    • Low blood oxygen
    • Spray CPAP A25
    • 360° anti-counter current water chamber/Humidifier upper cover
    • Water chamber cover
    • Power adapter
    • Tubing
    • User manual
    • Filters
    • Micro SD card(4G)
    • Surface
    • M+HealthCare Platform
    • Analysis Software
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  • 12 Channel ECG Machine- ECG-1200A

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    12 Channel ECG Machine- ECG-1200A

    12 Channel ECG Machine- ECG-1200A is a very high-quality machine from ECARE, China.

    Brand ECARE
    Model ECG -1200A
    Channel 12 Channel
    Country of Origin China
    Power supply Adapt 110-240V, 50/60Hz AC
    Multiple operation modes Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia Analysis Modes
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  • Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-30

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    Ultrasound Machine Mindray DC-30

    Standard presently accessible ultrasound systems typically allow a basic diagnosis but lack advanced functionality.

    Brand Name Mindray
    Type Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
    Model Number DC30
    Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Instrument classification Class II
    Product name Mindray dc 30
    Application human, vet
    Imaging modes B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging
    PSH Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
    iClear Speckle Suppression Imaging
    Pulse Wave Doppler includes High Pulsed Repetition Frequency
    iTouch Auto Image Optimization
    item DC-30 Main Unit with 15-inch LED Monitor
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